The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast Episode 42 – Death Wish 3 (1985) Charles Bronson Month

The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast Episode 42
Death Wish 3 (1985)

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Welcome back to our podcast series from The Super Network and Pop4D called Tubi Tuesdays! This podcast series is focused on discovering and doing commentaries for films found on the free streaming service Tubi, at TubiTV

Your hosts for Tubi Tuesdays are Super Marcey, ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn and Prof. Batch (From Pop4D & Web Tales: A Spider-Man Podcast), will take turns each week picking a film to watch and most of them will be ones we haven’t seen before.

Welcome back to Charles Bronson month here at The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast, we are here with an actual Charles Bronson film and not that imposter Robert Bronzi. Unfortunately regular co-hosts Bede Jermyn and Prof. Batch were unable to make this episode as they had more of Kraven’s stash and passed out. However Super Marcey is here and she has brought along an Aussie replacement and a Canadian one! Joining in on the Bronson madness are special guests Mr. Super Marcey – Graham Green and co-host of Web Tales: A Spider-man Podcast the one and only Marc Chevalier. This week is Super Marcey’s pick for the film and rather than watch a Christmas Bronson film or one starring Not Charles Bronson, she has chosen a film where the body count really piles up with Death Wish 3 (1985) from Cannon Films!

Death Wish 3 was directed by Michael Winner, and stars Charles Bronson and his .475 Wildey Magnum.

(Marcey’s audio is a bit low for some odd reason, it’ll be fixed next episode)

If you have never listened to a commentary before and want to watch the film along with the podcast, here is how it works. You simply need to grab a copy of the film or load it up on Tubi (you may need alcohol), and sync up the podcast audio with the film. We will tell you when to press and you follow along, it is that easy! Because we have watched the films on Tubi, it is a free service and there are ads, however we will give a warning when it comes up, so you can pause the film.

Highlights include:

* Bede and Batch got tricked by Kraven again but Marcey has brought along Graham and Marc for the show.

* Wow an actual Charles Bronson film where stuff happens! Woohoo!

* Oh boy, this is a very problematic film … exploitation cinema at its finest folks.

* This street gang dress like they are from Mad Max, a BDSM club and the Village People all in one … why?

* The music does not match the film, it’s either 80’s sitcom music or 80’s porno music. Thanks Jimmy Page!

* Soo … literally everyone in this place is useless against the lame gang except Bronson.

* Well the man has gotten his precious .475 Wildey Magnum, business is picking up!

* Whoa the third act is like Rambo meets Commando! WHAT THE?!

* Plus much, much more!

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DISCLAIMER: This audio commentary isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it is just a humourous look at a film. It is for entertainment purposes, we do not wish to offend anyone who worked on and in the film, we have respect for you all.

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