Super Podcast In Conversation: Marcey Talks The Talk With Paul Shirey

Welcome to a brand new series here in the Super Podcast land called Super Podcast In Conversation. So what sets this aside from the usual podcast shenanigans? Well folks this is a scaled back series, just your trusty host Super Marcey and a very special guest, as they engage in conversation about life, work and inspirations. The aim of this series is to inspire and give people out there a bit of a different outlook on life and know what anything is possible, you just have to work hard and keep at it.

Paul Shirey In Conversation



Welcome to the second edition of Super Podcast In Conversation, with your wonderfully cool Host Super Marcey. For this episode I searched far and wide to find a guest, a guest that is a fellow nerd, a fellow lone wolf and man who went from Army Vet to an entertainment Editor In Chief … PAUL SHIREY! Paul is of course the current Editor In Chief at and as of recording the podcast, just celebrated his third year in the position.

Listen in as we discuss when Paul lost his virginity, as I try and teach Paul some Australian insults, and we eventually get into the nitty writty of how and why Paul joined the Army. The conversation naturally progresses to how Paul went from being an Army man to the head honcho of a big and popular entertainment website. In between we discuss political views, gym selfies, Bossk, the entitled generation and which films are an accurate portrayal of war. Plus there is so much more on offer.

I can’t thank Paul enough for letting me ask to hard questions and take a journey into his life, and hope that you the listeners will feel inspired. Paul has done so much, and he hasn’t let anything stop him from getting the job that he absolutely loves. Be warned, this podcast gets down and dirty and we do talk a lot of shit, but that is what makes it so amazing.

Paul over sees everything at, you can also find him on Twitter and Instagram (GYM SEFLIES)

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