Super Podcast In Conversation: Marcey Gets Inspired By Justin Xavier

Welcome to a brand new series here in the Super Podcast land called Super Podcast In Conversation. So what sets this aside from the usual podcast shenanigans? Well folks this is a scaled back series, just your trusty host Super Marcey and a very special guest, as they engage in conversation about life, work and inspirations. The aim of this series is to inspire and give people out there a bit of a different outlook on life and know what anything is possible, you just have to work hard and keep at it.

In Conversation Justin Xavier



In this very first official edition of In Conversation (you can listen to the episode that inspired this series here), I decided to ask a long time friend to join me and talk about his life. Justin Xavier is a writer, an actor, and a Magic The Gathering enthusiast. He decided what he wanted out of life, and instead of sitting and waiting for opportunities to happen, he went out and made those opportunities for himself. As of last year he moved over to LA, has starred in an upcoming film SHARED ROOMS and is out for even more. He hasn’t stopped writing and working, there really is no stopping The Justin Xavier!

Listen in as we discuss how he got into acting and writing, why he moved, making a web series, getting a solid film role, writing a book and what he hopes to do next. Justin is writing scripts and wanting to give himself opportunities, what he does and how he thinks is truly inspiring. Justin as do I for that matter do not see a failure as a negative, we discuss how to take a failure or a negative and turn it into a life lesson and make it into a positive. We also discuss our favourite films and books, and of course Magic The Gathering. For anyone out there struggling with life, or struggling to work out what they want, this is a show and a person you will want to listen to.

I can’t thank Justin enough for letting me into his life, for talking about all these amazing things and sharing some stories. Justin is so super, I suggested on the show we should start a petition to get him cast in the adaptation of the SEX CRIMINALS comic. We also thought that Justin would make a fantastic American DOCTOR WHO, and I could be his trusty Aussie companion, we need to get that petition going as well!

I highly encourage everyone to scope out Justin on social media and check out everything he is doing.

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