[Comic Review] DC SuperHero Girls: Finals Crisis

DC SuperHero Girls Cover Finals Crisis Fans were given a small preview to DC SuperHero Girls with an issue given out on Free Comic Book Day. As it turns out this free issue was the first two chapters of Finals Crisis, the first graphic novel from this brand new property. Not only is this a new DC property but they are partnered with Mattel for webisodes, films and merchandise including a doll series in the vein of Monster High and Ever After High.

DC SuperHero Girls is aimed at a younger audience, providing some strong role models and an incentive to read and get into comics. Young girls are a huge audience with the Superhero genre, yet nothing much is ever marketed towards them, instead the focus being on boys. Both girls and boys enjoy this genre, and it is amazing it has taken this long for a company to actually capitalise on this and market to girls as well. It needs to be said that SuperHero Girls isn’t solely for girls, there is enough to appeal to everyone and this new book is proof of that.

The story begins at SuperHero High, where the up and coming heroes are studying their craft. It is the end of the semester and finals are coming up. Supergirl is feeling the stress and she decides to escape to the Kent Farm in Smallville. She reveals to her aunt and uncle what is bothering her and why she is stressed out. But before she can return to school something stops her, and this is where the free comic issue ended. Back at the school we see the other students are preparing for finals and one by one they go missing. Who is trying to stop the students from making finals?

DC SuperHero Girls FC

This is a simple story that easily introduces this world, especially if you haven’t seen the webisodes. We get to know the characters and the setting, as well as diving into a story and a mystery. The chapters are not too long and it is not overly word heavy. It is simple enough for a young audience to get into and enjoy, but it loses nothing with an older audience as well. This is not something that has been dumbed down nor does it pander to anyone, it also keeps the spirit of the webisodes alive and well.

The artwork is wonderful, the character designs are beautiful and true to each character. There is no sense of sexualisation with any of them, the costumes feel quite practical and fun. Each of the characters showcases their strengths and independence, they are capable of doing things for themselves but also work great as a team. Wonder Woman is head strong, while Harley Quinn enjoys a party, Katana likes her action and each feels like an individual. The writing of these characters and the art blend together like a great tasting milkshake, everything just works the way it should. There are some fun appearances from well known DC characters, and some nods thrown in for long time fans. Major props need to be given to the writer Yancy Labat and artist Shea Fontana for the amazing work they have done.

DC SuperHero Girls: Finals Crisis is a great book for all audiences, it does make a great starting point for kids to get into reading a comic or graphic novel and offers a brand new world to explore. With so much else on offer for this series, there is a lot of fun to be had and the possibilities are endless. With junior novels on the way and an upcoming film, DC SuperHero Girls is going to take over the world. Highly recommended reading for all ages.



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