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Owner/Editor/Main Reviewer/Podcast Host

6414_109891551233_612546233_2328334_541028_nMarcey Papandrea

Hello there, I am Marcey and this is my film website. You will find a collection of my film reviews (ranging from cinema releases, to DVD releases, to classics), book reviews, TV reviews, posters, trailers, columns and of course the Super Podcast!

I have been writing about films since I was 16, and I founded this website in February of 2009. The site was previously at Blogger and it had been there for several years before I decided to move it to its own domain through WP.

Favourite Director: David Lynch
Favourite Film: Stand By Me
Favourite Actor: Robert DeNiro/Gary Oldman
Favourite Actress: Julianne Moore

You can contact Marcey via email @ marcey@supermarcey.com

Contributor/Podcast Co-Host

n536450828_1237641_8811Bede Jermyn

Bede is not only the biggest Pimp in all of Australia, he brags he IS a terrible Australian! He is Co-Host of SuperPodcast and the brain behind Movie Song Of The Week. He also contributes reviews and recommendations.

Favourite Director: Steven Spielberg
Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction
Favourite Actor: Brad Pitt
Favourite Actress: Nicole Kidman

You can contact Bede via email @ bj4prez@hotmail.com

Contributor Reviews/Podcast Regular

Nick Bosworth

Greetings and salutations everyone, my name is Nick (or you may know me as the Canadian bacon) and I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of SuperMarcey.com for almost two years now where I normally take part in the regular podcasts and film reviews.

I’ve been a fanatic of film since a very young age as is the case with everyone involved on the site and also good friends with Marcey for a few years now. I’m an electrical and network engineer by day, a video editor by night and I love it all.

Favourite Director: Steven Spielberg
Favourite Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favourite Actor: Ed Harris
Favourite Actress: Sigourney Weaver

You can contact Nick via email @ bosworth.nick@gmail.com

Contributor Reviews/Podcast Regular

Logan J. Fowler

Hi ho, Logan the Fowler here and I’ve been working for supermarcey.com for almost a full year now! I did my first podcast ever (“Films that Changed My Life”) for the site, and along with frequently podcasting, I also write movie reviews and recommendations. In addition, I also had an interview with Marcey regarding one of her favorite films, Showgirls. Marcey highly suggested that I watch it, and so I did, and the result was…well…it was something else. While Marcey and I go back some in the internet world, we have declared each other BIFFs (Best International Friends Forever) in the recent year. Be jelly.

When I’m not writing for supermarcey.com (or my other blogging website, pop-break.com), I teach the children by day, and am a superhero by nightfall.

Favorite Director: Edgar Wright
Favorite Movie: The Incredibles
Favorite Actor: Paul Rudd
Favorite Actress: Salma Hayek

Got questions? You can contact me at loganjamesfowler@gmail.com

Contributor Reviews/Features

Garrett Collins

Hello film-goers! My name is Garrett Collins and I love films more than anything in my life. I lived in Northern California for 30 years and then moved to Nevada in 2008, where I studied English/Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno . From a very early age, I have found that going to films at the multiplex not only takes me out of my normal everyday problems for two hours, but also can be a very surreal experience.

I, like a majority of guys who grew up in the 80s love Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and, of course, horror films. I am glad to be contributing to Supermarcey.com, as I enjoy and respect her opinions on things, and hope you guys can grow to like the things I write as well.

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman
Favorite Actress: Kate Beckinsale & Olivia Wilde (obvious reasons) and Helen Mirren (talent-wise)

You can contact Garrett via email @ shelikesbigwords2002

Contributor Reviews/Podcast Regular

Beatrix Harper

“Who’s this skirt?” I hear you ask. Well, my name is Beatrix Harper (no relation to Beatrix Kiddo, sorry) and Her Royal Marceyness has kindly adopted me into her fold of fun, mischief and all things cinema. I am not a professional reviewer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love my cinema and I love the people who share my passion, people like you.

I also main-line Witchblade comics, bingeing on PS3, reading, and sticking folks with sharp implements to help them get better.

Favourite Director: Guillermo del Toro (if I could marry his brilliant mind I would in a heartbeat)
Favourite Film: Hah! Good luck getting an answer there.
Favourite Actor: Changes like the seasons.
Favourite Actress: As above.

You can contact Bea via email @ le_ripper@hotmail.com



Pro Wrestling Contributor/Reviews/Podcast Regular

JamesOJames Orrell


Favourite Director:
Favourite Film:
Favourite Actor:
Favourite Actress:

You can contact James via Twitter @RebellionReborn


All written content is copyright to Marcella Papandrea and contributors (all reviews, columns and opinions).


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