[Queer Expo 2017] Interview with guest Jordan Raskopoulos

It is an exciting time right now with Australia’s first ever LGBTIQ Pop Culture Expo – Queer Expo coming up in Melbourne with only just over a week to go. With a line up of fantastic guests and exhibitors, this is going to be a convention event that no one should miss out on.

To help get you all excited, we have an interview with one of the big name guests for the event with Jordan Raskopoulos from The Axis Of Awesome! This amazing Australia woman will be appearing both days at the event, with autograph and photo opportunities available for those attending.

Other guests include – Pam Grier, Nelsan Ellis, Chad Michaels, Tatianna, Little Nell, Dean Rankine and Latrice Royale with so many others!

For all your information on the event and to secure tickets please visit http://www.queerexpo.com.au

Marcey: First of all thank you so much Jordan for taking the time out to have a chat to me ahead of Queer Expo Melbourne. How excited are you for the event, and what does it mean to you to be a guest at this amazing event?

Jordan: I’m quite excited. They’ve got a lot of great guests booked. It’s an honour to be a part of it. I’m really looking forward to what they have planned. It is going to be a great weekend.

Marcey: I am sure like a lot of your fans, I first saw you as part of Ronnie Johns. What was that experience like and do people still ask you about Gnocchi and putting a sticker on it?

Jordan: It’s hard to think that that was over a decade ago now. We were young kids, fresh out of uni and got an amazing opportunity to make our own TV show. I learnt a lot from that experience. And yes, people still ask me about the Gnocchi. A decade and a gender transition aren’t enough to stop that happening.

Marcey: What have The Axis Of Awesome been up to lately and what’s next for you all?

Jordan: 2016 was a massive year for AoA. We toured all over the world. It was great but when you’re on the road the whole year you kinda miss out on doing all sorts of fun stuff back home. So we decided to take some time off this year to focus on other projects and opportunities. It’s been great.

Marcey: You have such a great style, how did you come up with what you like? And what brands or stores are you loving right now? Personally I love what Off Ya Tree has to offer with dresses, they have great sizes that fit my own curvy figure.

Jordan: I’m still working it out. I never had an adolescence as a woman so there’s still a lot of learning to do. But I think my taste has always been a bit punk and very nerdy. Off ya tree has great pinup dresses that I love and I’m a big fan of Black Milk. I recently got some Hogwarts overalls from Black Milk and they’re the best.

Marcey: It has to be asked, because you look absolutely fabulous, which make up products do you use and what advice to do you have for those of us (ummm me lol) who struggle with make up basics?

Jordan: Again I’m still working it out but I do roller derby so I like makeup to be bout proof and not sweat off. I really like Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner and Rimmel’s provocalips for this purpose. And I guess I’ve also been a player of Warhammer since I was 12 so I have 23 years experience painting miniature soldiers and it seems a lot of those painting skills were transferable.

Marcey: Lastly, for those who may still be struggling with their identity, bullying and coming to terms with their true self what messages do you have for them? How important is it to have someone out there who will listen and be supportive?

Jordan: Finding community is so important. When you’re closeted you exist in a community of 1 and it’s easy to feel shame. It’s so important to find people who are like you. You’re not alone and everyone should feel proud of who they are.

Sending out a huge thank you to Jordan for taking the time out to answer a few questions ahead of the event. Please be sure to follow Jordan on Twitter – https://twitter.com/JordanRasko


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