[Oz Comic Con 2017] Interview with DJ Qualls

I can’t believe that time of the year is upon once again. Oz Comic Con in Melbourne here! Blue Planet PR kindly organised on behalf of OZ Comic Con for us to have an interview with guest of the event DJ Qualls in a media roundtable alongside fellow bloggers/journalists from The Iris, Just4Fun Magazine and The Outer Haven. First and foremost a huge thanks to all those who made this happen, especially DJ himself. This was a really entertaining and insightful interview that I know you’re all going to enjoy from DJ.

Download HERE

Ever since his breakout role in the hit 2000 comedy ROAD TRIP, DJ Qualls has enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood through various film and TV projects. Due to time constants Bede was only to be able to ask one question to DJ but he’s answer to it took us all down a road that we found funny, insightful and poignant. During the interview DJ discusses the working on the films ROAD TRIP, THE NEW GUY and the Oscar winning HUSTLE & FLOW, his roles/appearnces on the acclaimed TV shows THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE and FARGO, his responsibilities as an actor to give back, the struggles with being typecast and so much more.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to find DJ at the Guest Signing area, tokens are available for autographs and photos, don’t miss out!

Check out the website for more information: http://www.ozcomiccon.com


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