Podcasters Of Horror [Bonus Episode] Looking At Freddy’s Nightmares Episodes ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ and ‘Black Tickets’

Podcasters Of Horror [Bonus Episode]
Looking At Freddy’s Nightmares Episodes ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ and ‘Black Tickets’

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Welcome to our Mini Podcast series from The Super Podcast with Podcasters Of Horror! This series began with a retrospective on Mick Garris’ Masters Of Horror series and continues on with looking at other horror anthology series and films, including Fear Itself and Goosebumps.

Hello all and welcome to a Bonus Episode of Podcasters Of Horror with your host Super Marcey, unfortunately regular co-host Bede Jermyn was unable to make the bonus episode, however Super Marcey has brought along a special guest for this episode! Please welcome first time guest to Podcasters Of Horror and The Super Network with Dan Machholz (Sopranos Redefined & You Gotta See This) to discuss a couple of episodes of the 80’s series Freddy’s Nightmares, the horror anthology series with Robert Englund back as Freddy Krueger.

The pilot episode ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ was directed by Tobe Hooper and Robert Englund stars alongside Ian Patrick Williams, Anne E. Curry, Mark Herrier and William Frankfather. Episode 14 ‘Black Tickets’ was directed by George Kaczender and stars Brad Pitt, Kerry Wall, Bill Moseley and Don Sparks.

Highlights include:

* Welcome to this very special bonus episode and welcome Dan!

* Dan discusses watching Freddy’s Nightmares when it first aired.

* ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ is Freddy’s prequel.

* These episodes had potential but the budget was too low for more.

* So Brad Pitt starred in an episode, he’s uh a lot better of an actor now.

* ‘Black Tickets’ has an insane twist ending!

* This show needs a good release on blu-ray!

* Ratings for each film

* Plus much, much more!

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