Bede’s 2021 30 Days Of Junesploitation Viewing List

Hey, everyone! June is around the corner and you know what that means? Junesploitation is here once again. Like my podcast co-host Super Marcey, I’ll be joining the fun as well (you can check out Marcey’s list here). For those out there who don’t know what Junesploitation is, it’s an annual event that was created by the film website FThisMovie! where throughout the month of June, you watch an exploitation/genre film every day based on the theme that was chosen by the site for that particular day. For example if the theme for that day is Zombies, you have to watch a zombie film that day. If another day’s theme is centered around blaxploitation, you have have to a blaxploitation that day etc. There’s a wide variety of diverse themes that are covered throughout Junesploitation including many sub-genres, actors and filmmakers (although there are four days throughout the month called “Free Space”, which you can watch whatever you want on those ones). I first became aware of the event back in 2019 and while I couldn’t fully commit that year’s one due prior commitments at that time, I made sure to do it probably in 2020 and it was an absolute blast from start to finish. Like I did with previous years, my list of films I’ll be watching will be ones that I have never seen before. Which is always a lot of fun for me since it gives me a chance to finally check out some exploitation/genre films I’ve always wanted to see. Now the question remains: will I be able to watch them all? It’s never easy but it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept. So without further ado, here’s my complete final viewing list of every film I’ll be seeing for Junesploitation 2021…

Here’s my list:

Day 1 – ’80s Action! RED SCORPION (1988)
Day 2 – Slashers! MORTUARY (1983)
Day 3 – Henry Silva! JOHNNY COOL (1963)
Day 4 – Westerns! DAY OF ANGER (1967)
Day 5 – Revenge! THE WRAITH (1986)
Day 6 – Free Space! NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986)
Day 7 – Sword and Sorcery! HAWK THE SLAYER (1980)
Day 8 – Blaxploitation! PENITENTIARY (1979)
Day 9 – Italian Horror! THE BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA (1971) 
Day 10 – Scott Adkins! NINJA (2009)
Day 11 – Vigilantes! SAVAGE STREETS (1984)
Day 12 – Sci Fi! STARCRASH (1978)
Day 13 – ’80s Comedy! JUST ONE OF THE GUYS (1985)
Day 14 – Kung Fu! THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN (1967)
Day 15 – Sequels! THE HILLS HAVE EYES: PART II (1984)
Day 16 – Cannon! 10 TO MIDNIGHT (1983)
Day 17 – Fulci! VOICES FROM BEYOND (1994)
Day 18 – Free Space! EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000 (1983)
Day 19 – Jackie Chan! DRUNKEN MASTER (1978)
Day 20 – Musicals! VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS (1984)
Day 21 – Julie Strain! ENEMY GOLD (1993)
Day 22 – Zombies! TOXIC ZOMBIES (1980)
Day 23 – ’90s Action! GUARDIAN ANGEL (1994)
Day 24 – Free Space! THE LAST SHARK (1981)
Day 25 – Cars! WHITE LIGHTING (1973)
Day 26 – ’80s Horror! BLOOD TIDE (1982)
Day 27 – Cops! VICE ACADEMY (1989)
Day 29 – Gangsters! KING OF NEW YORK (1990)
Day 30 – Vampires! LOVE BITES (1993)

Well, there you have it. These are the films I’ll be seeing this year for Junesploitation. Keep a look out for my daily thoughts/mini-reviews for all of these films every day during June at

Article written by Bede Jermyn 


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