Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #95: Lawnmower Man 2 – Beyond Cyberspace

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my 95th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Earlier this month here on, I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this 95th instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… LAWNMOWER MAN 2: BEYOND CYBERSPACE! Is this one of the worst and most confounding sequels ever made? Did THE LAWNMOWER MAN really need to have a follow-up? Read on and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a billion times before, but I’m going to say it again: is it too late for me to *not* watch this film? #LawnmowerMan2

I mean the first LAWNMOWER MAN Film okay and all but did we really need a sequel? It seemed to end pretty conclusively to me. #LawnmowerMan2

Okay… So in about 10 seconds this sequel explains how Jobe got out and survived cyberspace. Weak. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, hi, Patrick Bergin! I’m not sure why you’re here but I suppose you had nothing else better to do. #LawnmowerMan2

I know that Jobe was badly burnt and had to have facial reconstructive surgery, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make him go from looking like Jeff Fahey in the first film to looking like Matt Frewer in this sequel. #LawnmowerMan2

I’m very surprised that John Rhys-Davies wasn’t cast as the film’s corporate villain Jonathan Walker because it seems like that’s who the character is best on. #LawnmowerMan2

Austin O’Brien, who was in the first film as Jobe’s kid friend Peter, is back in this sequel. Also he’s the only thing that connected to it, so don’t expect Pierce Brosnan or anyone else to show up sadly. #LawnmowerMan2

So… This film is set 6 years after the first film and now the world looks like a futuristic BLADE RUNNER landscape… Ahhh… That’s doesn’t make sense since the first film was set very much today. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, man. These green screen effects of Peter and his friends going to cyberspace look hilariously bad. #LawnmowerMan2

Uh, oh. Peter and his friends have landed in JURASSIC PARK. #LawnmowerMan2

So in the future, dogs know how to put disks into hard drives? #LawnmowerMan2

The kids are riding around on motor bikes. It’s like TRON, but in real life and way less cooler. #LawnmowerMan2

Jobe has showed up. I like how Peter instantly recognises him because he materialises a lawnmower in front of him for like second. #LawnmowerMan2

I like how all technology in this film is meant to be so futuristic by it all looks so dated by today’s standards. #LawnmowerMan2

I don’t know what it was, but the ‘90s was very much obsessed with virtual reality. #LawnmowerMan2

The information super highway… I haven’t heard that term in over 20 years. #LawnmowerMan2

Don’t ask me why, but I find it amusing that Jobe is playing paddle ball. #LawnmowerMan2

So Peter is off to go look for Patrick Bergin’s character Dr. Richard Trace and, of course, his cabin is next to the famous rock formation that was in that episode of the classic STARK TREK show. #LawnmowerMan2

What the type of hair do does Patrick Bergin have in the film? It’s so bloody weird. #LawnmowerMan2

I like how the video playback of Trace is watching of Peter & Jobe’s meeting is literally just the same scene what we saw before. They could have shot and edited differently but nope! #LawnmowerMan2

Why are all Peter’s dressed up like they wearing clothes from the 1930s? #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, geez. It’s very clear the CGI technology from the first film has not been updated for this sequel. #LawnmowerMan2

Ummm… Why is Matt Frewer playing Jobe as if he was a Jim Carrey performance? Which is ironic since he voiced Lloyd Christmas in the DUMB & DUMBER animated series. #LawnmowerMan2

Yeah… I refuse to believe that Jobe in this sequel is even the same one from first film. They feel like too completely different characters. #LawnmowerMan2

So… Since Jobe didn’t get what he wanted from Trace, he’s going to murder him, Peter and his friends by sending a train to their area? Some friend to Peter that Jobe is. #LawnmowerMan2

Remember when Jobe had powers of a God due to the events of the first film? Yeah, this sequel has completely forgot about that as aspect. #LawnmowerMan2

You know I’m 30 minutes into this film and I have no idea what the hell is going on in this film. #LawnmowerMan2

I would say that this train crash scene is horrific but in comparison to the shit I saw in the season finale of INVINCIBLE, this is nothing. #LawnmowerMan2

I think Jobe wants to kill Austin O’Brien is because he was in MY GIRL 2. #LawnmowerMan2

I don’t know what it is, but Patrick Bergin looks weird without a moustache. #LawnmowerMan2

If I had the power to retitle this film, I’d change it from LAWNMOWER MAN 2: CYBERSPACE to READY PLAYER DUMB. #LawnmowerMan2

I have to say that even though I only know the basics about computers and virtual reality, even I know that the stuff said about it in this film is bullshit. #LawnmowerMan2

I like how budget John Rhys-Davis is trying to act like John Rhys-Davies. It’s hilarious. #LawnmowerMan2

Wait, hold the phone! Did Jobe just made a plan crash just to take out a politician?! Holy crap that’s extreme! #LawnmowerMan2

Remember when films from the mid-‘90s were obsessed with computers and the internet? That was such a weird time. #LawnmowerMan2

Of course Trace has had a relationship with the doctor, Dr. Cori Platt, who’s working with Jobe. Why wouldn’t he. #LawnmowerMan2

Ahhh… Why does Walker’s henchwoman Jennifer’s bleach blond hair look like a weird wig. #LawnmowerMan2

Between Trace and Jennifer, there’s definitely a competition who show who hasn’t the weirdest hair between them both. #LawnmowerMan2

Yeah… This film definitely feels like a film that came out in 1996. #LawnmowerMan2

It’s weird that Austin O’Brien was only 16 when he made this because he looks a whole lot older than he does. #LawnmowerMan2

THE FUTURE! #LawnmowerMan2

I can see why Matt Fewer wanted to be in this film because 90% of his screen time being in a chair. #LawnmowerMan2

Is it just me or do the guards in this facility wearing the exact same clothes as then Imperial Officers from STAR WARS? #LawnmowerMan2

Trace just smashed a TV over Walker’s head. I shall now call him… TV Head. #LawnmowerMan2

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that this scene with Trace, Peter & Cori going down this chute into the garbage area isn’t also a direct reference to STAR WARS too. #LawnmowerMan2

Dude, you can never be John Rhys-Davies. There’s only one John Rhys-Davies and you’re not him. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, geez. I just realised that Walker’s henchwoman Jennifer looks uncannily like Kate McKinnon and now I can’t unsee it. #LawnmowerMan2

Ummm… Why does in the crowd in this virtual reality scene so weird? #LawnmowerMan2

Okay, I’m an hour into this film and I STILL have no idea what is going on. #LawnmowerMan2

Now not not had Jobe, Peter and the gang with a train, he’s trying to kill them with a helicopter. Geez, come up with a new move, dude. #LawnmowerMan2

I like how the kids are wearing berets and old timey hats. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, ‘90s CGI effects. You’re so hilariously dated. #LawnmowerMan2

Yeah… Jennifer’s hair is a little too bleached blonde for my liking. #LawnmowerMan2

Uh, oh! Jobe has made the guards think that he is a terrorist. He’s in deep shit now. That’s what you get for trying to control Jobe. #LawnmowerMan2

Man, the costume that Jobe wears when in is in cyberspace is weird. It’s so shiny and metallic. #LawnmowerMan2

It has to show how dated this film when all the computers that all the characters have said in this film I haven’t heard been said out loud in years. #LawnmowerMan2

It’s like the filmmakers watch TRON and we’re like, “we should make the LAWNMOWER MAN sequel like this except more dumb and confusing.” #LawnmowerMan2

I swear they used the same 5 people over and over again for these crowd shots. They all look strangely alike. #LawnmowerMan2

Yep, when I think of a LAWNMOWER MAN film, I totally think of sword fights in cyberspace. #LawnmowerMan2

Well… That was the most underwhelming sword fight in history. #LawnmowerMan2

I don’t know about anyone else, but this film would have been better if it had more lawnmowers. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, geez. These flying are so hilariously bad! I can’t stop laughing! #LawnmowerMan2

Okay, I’m almost at the end of the film now and I very much STILL have no idea what’s going on. #LawnmowerMan2

So… Despite being shot a whole bunch of times, Walker is still very much alive. #LawnmowerMan2

Oh, wait… Now he’s dead. For real this time. Never mind. #LawnmowerMan2

These touching scene with Peter and Jobe would have been better if it was a less bad film. #LawnmowerMan2

So… the film ends with Jobe and the gang looking at the sunset. Talk about an underwhelming climax. #LawnmowerMan2

Wait, these film rip off the score from JURASSIC PARK?! #LawnmowerMan2

Well, that’s the end of the film. If I had to do a list of the most unnecessary and pointless sequels in existence, this would definitely be up there. What a terrible and confusing mess of a film. #LawnmowerMan2

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 95th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out on May 31st for my 96th edition, which be a very special edition of the article. Why’s that you ask? Because the next edition will mark the 8th anniversary of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon column. If you have been following this column over the pass few years, you already know that I like to celebrate this special occasion by instead of asking you readers to decide which bad film I should watch and live-tweet for the column, I would pick the film for it myself. So which bad film have I chosen for the 96th/8th anniversary edition of the column? I’m going to be doing it on the absolutely insane Nicolas Cage supernatural drama/thriller BETWEEN WORLDS. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it!

Article written by Bede Jermyn



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