Super Podcast Ep 139 – Cowabunga! It’s The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Films


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Welcome listeners to this 139th episode of the Super Podcast! COWABUNGA!

Your trusty host Super Marcey is back, and she is not alone for this radical podcast! She has brought with her regular contributor Chris Innis aka Chrisasaurus Rex, and returning former guests Logan James and Randy Chico (sorry it has been too long between shows boys). This awesome foursome are here to discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, from the original 1990 film right through to this years recent release Out Of The Shadows.

Side note: Unfortunately there were issues recording this podcast, the recorder was not functioning properly and Skype was not co-operating, so please forgive the audio quality,

Highlights include:

*The original film that started it all

*Elias Koteas is still the best Casey Jones

*Which names from Turtles we have met

*Just which film is the worst one, we each have different feelings

*How the animated 2007 film failed to meet expectations

*Chris sings, a few times

*Mikey from the 2014 is completely creepy

*Do we make a funny?

*Worst Turtles origin?

*So much more!

TMNT Pod 02

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