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Retro Review Corner with Sean: Bad Dudes (NES)

I’M BAD! Apparently, the “ninja” are either Middle Eastern or Hispanic as shown by the box art. Look at that title screen. Go ahead. Drink it in. Two badass screaming dudes in weightlifting gloves, black wife-beaters, and…grey and green workout sweatpants (at best guess). But wait, where’s the orange jumpsuit-looking pants from the box art? … Continue reading


4/5 Ninja, the film which really introduced me to Scott Adkins. Now I don’t want this review to be completely biased towards Scott Adkins, which is probably why it has taken me this long to actually review it. Ninja is a throw back to those classic 80’s martial arts films, it has the outsider, Casey … Continue reading

Ninja Assassin

3.5/5 I think the title says it all, in regards to what this is about. It is about a ninja assassin, that really is all you need to know. Ninja films aren’t known for their fantastic plots, they have the good guys, the bad guys and ninja’s doing their thing. But if you must know … Continue reading