[Bea’s Ranting Book Reviews] Assassins’ Creed: Revelations [Oliver Bowden] by Bea Harper


Published: 2011

Publisher: Penguin

The swan song of Ezio Auditore is all heart, but with very little purpose otherwise. While undoubtedly a personal and touching curtain call for the Man From Fierenze, the story itself, for all of its talk of conspiracy and political subterfuge feels almost redundant. Contrary to what the back cover would tell you, I honestly didn’t feel a sense of do-or-die for Ezio as he continues on his quest of personal enlightenment and pilgrimage. The locale of Constantinople is an exciting prospect and entirely fitting to the path our Master Assassin is choosing to tread but there is no true driving force behind it. BlahblahLibraryblahblahTemplarsblahblahWorldDominationblahblah you get the idea. None of this is Bowdens’ fault, he is working with a limited source material and he makes every attempt to expand on it with varying degrees of success (namely in what Ezio has been up to since the events of Brotherhood) and he attempts to give those who Ezio interacts with a sense of purpose, but other than this being the closing installment of the Auditore epic saga, the rest of the tale feels aimless. Still, for completion sake, Revelations is respectful to the legacy of Ezio and all he has done and all he has lived for. Salut and  Requiescat in pace, Mentor.



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