[Bea’s Ranting Reviews] Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood [Oliver Bowden] by Bea Harper


Published: 2010

Publisher: Penguin

Down with the Borgia!

The Man From Firenze returns, wiser, deadlier and stronger than before and with him comes not only a new, fierce enemy but now the responsibility of continuing the Creed. The Borgia have flung the once grand city of Rome into poverty, so it is up to Ezio and his allies to help and empower the people in order to free them from the steely pope Rodrigo Borgia, the man who orchestrated the conspiracy that changed Ezios’ life forever, but also his malignant son, Cesare Borgia as well as his devious daughter, Lucrezia. Ezio and his friends make it their mission to empower the underfoot populace, but as Ezio finds out, the Assassin Brotherhood is not quite the sanctum of justice he believes it to be. While long-winded in the later chapters, there can be little doubt that Ezio Auditore has come leaps and bounds from being the impulsive Florentine noble he used to be to the world-weary and fearsome professional facilitator of death he is now, yet he finds himself feeling a crisis of confidence, and it is one that only he can hope to defeat.



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