What A Marvel! Thor 2: The Dark World [2013] by Bea Harper


Dir.: Alan Taylor

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jaime Alexander and Christopher Eccleston

Guys, why did you do this to us? A lot of wonderful notions and bursts of creativity press under the surface of this film, but they are only permitted temporary freedom from an otherwise oddly constraining film. Thor 2: The Dark World could have been a bigger, bolder film than the enjoyable and charming first, but instead of going for broke with what could have potentially been a rousing adventure of thrills, chills and L’Oreal-endorsed hair spills, the movie feels tentative and not quite willing to step up to the next level. The Dark World is a place of mysticism and magic, yet there was nothing fearless here. A shame really considering I was looking forward to seeing a continuation and expansion of Thors’ world and those who dwell within it as well as his relationship with Jane Foster. Dang, dang dang me dragons but this could have been a worthy follow up to all of the previous events that have happened. It is always a shame when a film does not realise how great it could be and doesn’t take the steps toward this goal.


By the way, I apologise later on in the video about my top, I lost a button sometime during the phonecall and after only just uploading it on YT have I noticed. I’m sorry to anybody who felt offended by my bony chest.


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