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Top 10 Bond Girls

Top 10 Bond Girls

Here’s a random little tidbit of information – during the production of the film Skyfall the planning documentation used the term ‘Bond Women’ instead of the traditional ‘Bond Girls’. This reflects a change in attitude more than anything else and has no bearing on this article whatsoever but we needed a way to open this … Continue reading

Dan’s Top 10 Bond Themes

Dan’s Top 10 Bond Themes

Having been re-watching the James Bond films in preparation for the upcoming release of the new film Skyfall featuring Daniel Craig in the title role of James Bond 007 it got me thinking of what were the top 10 best James Bond title themes? The thing that made me really start thinking about what the … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: ‘Community’ Episodes

D’ya want to know what’s great? Community. It’s one of the smartest and funniest TV shows doing the rounds. It works not just as a sitcom but as a brilliant satire on current media trends. The cast of characters are becoming iconic and the catchphrases are infectious. It’s not unlike Arrested Development and not unlike … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: People the Doctor Should Meet

Doctor Who is a fantastic show for geeks. There’s plenty of space for discussion, fan-fiction and list making. So that’s what I’ve done. Taking inspiration from episodes in which The Doctor crosses paths with significant historical figures, such as Shakespeare, van Gogh and Queen Victoria, here are the ten people from history that I would … Continue reading

Top 10 10th Doctor Stories

Yes, that title looks like a typo but a typo it is not. The character of Doctor Who is now in his eleventh incarnation, each played by a different actor. Each incarnation has their fans, and a recent poll ranked the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, as the most popular. Being a recent convert … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Tracking Shots

Anyone who has attempting to complex tracking shot can tell you that it is one of the trickiest and rewarding feats in film-making. Balancing both technical, performance and logistical factors, a good tracking shot needs to be meticulously planned and rehearsed. The invention of the steady cam has made a substantial difference, allowing film-makers to … Continue reading

When Bruce Wayne set out to turn himself into the Dark Knight, he spent years travelling, studying and training. He also invested untold millions of dollars from his inheritance equipping himself and his ever-increasing fleet of bat-themed custom vehicles. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could be as effective in their crusade against crime without … Continue reading

Top 10 Potential Simpsons Spin-Offs

This week came the news that the cast of ‘The Simpsons’ would need to take a massive pay cut in order to keep the show on air. They weren’t keen on this idea since they only get paid per episode, not based on how often the episodes get shown, and need to make a living. … Continue reading