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Funk’s Top 10: Leitmotifs

Some of you are no doubt looking at that heading and wondering what a ‘leitmotif’ is, possibly wondering if it’s a form of Eastern Europeon cinematic style you don’t care about, or if I’m making up words for my own personal amusement. It is, in fact, a musical term used to describe a recurring piece … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: Music Videos By Movie Directors

The music video market is a great place for directors to make their mark before moving onto bigger and better things. Other directors will take the chance to use the platform as a form of experimentation, or to lend their expertise to making a short film centred around a music performace. Here’s the ten best: … Continue reading

Thursday Top 10 – Opening Scenes

10. The Fellowship of the Ring Adapting the epic trilogy to the screen, capturing the scale and condensing the fictional history was a big sell. Telling us that it was going to be achieved by a Kiwi director whose most seen previous work was Braindead was an even bigger sell. Needless to say that this … Continue reading