Join Us On Patreon

Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn are proud to announce that The Super Network is now on Patreon!

For as low as $1 a month you can subscribe, and start getting excellent content!

The tier’s break down as follows:

$1 Tier ‘Bay Explosions’: Support, Shout Outs Across Socials and Media, Voting On Exclusive Polls, Goal Related Content and Early Access to The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast.

$2 Tier ‘Lynch Vibes: Includes previous tier rewards, Early Access to all Podcasts, Exclusive Video Podcasts and Patreon Exclusive Video Content.

$4 Tier ‘Tarantino References’: Includes previous tiers rewards, Pick A Topic for a Podcast of your choosing for either The Super Podcast or The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast. You are eligible to pick up to 4 topics per year.

$6 Tier ‘Spielberg Wonder’: Includes previous tier rewards, Guest Star On A Podcast and join Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn for up to 4 guests spots per year. All podcasts across the Network are included.

$8 Tier ‘Durst Stalking’: Includes previous tiers rewards, Join Us On Discord for Monthly Movie Nights including The Fanatic (2019).

Our first goal has been met, which unlocks Bede in a video clip doing his Nicolas Cage impression reading Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, wearing his Nicolas Cage tracksuit.

Please click the banner below to visit us on Patreon!


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