Super Podcast Ep 142 – The Nicolas Cage Show with Jimmy O!


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Super Podcast Ep 142 – The Nicolas Cage Show with Jimmy O!


Welcome back to the Super Podcast for our 142th episode, listeners!

Your hosts Super Marcey and Bede ‘The Terrible Australian’ Jermyn (he makes his long-waited return to the show) are back together to bring you this exciting new episode with the help of very special guest JoBlo film critic James ‘Jimmy O’ Oster, who finally makes his very first appearance on the podcast. For this one, we decided to dedicate an entire episode to an actor that we have an absolute love for: Nicolas Cage. You can expect a lot of madness with this episode, so you don’t want to miss this one out. Enjoy!


Highlights include:

* Jimmy O can’t contain his excitement that he’s on the Super Podcast!

* We take a moment to discuss the upcoming horror film that Jimmy O is producing called The Harvesters (you can check the film’s official website here)

* We go over Cage’s entire filmography from the good, the bad and everything else in between

* Did somebody say Nic Cage impressions? We do a lot of them during the show

* The Wicker Man does get brought up and we discuss the madness of it

* Somehow for some bizarre reason, we get sidetracked into conversation about Cam Gigandet

* We discuss which upcoming films we would have been even better if Nic Cage was in them

* Have you ever wondered what Nic Cage would sound like doing Tommy Wiseau’s dialogue from The Room? Wonder no more!

* Plus much, much more!


Would you like to see the Super Podcast make radio play of CAGENADO? Let us know and if there is a demand for it, we’ll do it!


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Guest on Twitter – @JimmytotheO

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