[Bea’s Reviews] Don’t Breathe [2016]


Dir.: Fede Alvarez

Starring: Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto

It’s amazing yet unsurprisingly so how powerful a simple premise can be when it comes to making a down and dirty film about a home invasion gone incredibly wrong. After his blazing work on the remake/reboot of The Evil Dead, Alvarez once again worked in league with Sam Raimi to deliver another thrill-ride, only this time the evil didn’t come from a forbidden book of magic and curses but from the one within.

Jane Levy again proves her mettle as a force to be reckoned with as Rocky, a desperate scofflaw who takes part in an ill-fated robbery of blind combat veteran orchestrated by her scuzzy boyfriend ‘Money’ (who is almost like the son of Jared Leto from Panic Room) with their other friend Alex tagging along moreso to watch over Rocky than for strictly monetary gain. On the other side of the firing line, we have the beast himself, Stephen Lang as the Blind Man who doesn’t suffer being anybody’s victim and boy howdy he lets ’em know it by proving how ruthless he can be with his uncanny perception and throttling persistence.

Although pratfalls in the story occasionally hamper the movie due to tremendous leaps and bends in logic, Don’t Breathe is nonetheless a highly engaging, relentless experience which shocks, awes and disgusts with the savage twists and turns with revel in unpredictability. Don’t Breathe is indeed the perfect title for this film due to just how many tense situations show up that you may find yourself inhaling and exhaling when the hapless robbers do as the Blind Man stalks them.

This fierce baby is bound to become a minor classic in the home invasion sub-genre and until then, it undoubtedly will make the Best Of lists of fans who are starved of a proper thriller-chiller. Highly recommended.


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