Super Podcast Ep 141 – Looking Back At The Films Of 1996

1996 Films

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Welcome listeners to this 141th episode of the podcast, where we travel back 20 years to 1996!

Please join your always trusty host Super Marcey as she is joined by returning guest Marc Chevalier, as they discuss the films of 1996. The year was an incredible year for films with many now considered classics having been released, as well some films that might best be forgotten. With a large blend of genres, 1996 pretty much had it all.

Why was this topic chosen? Well can you actually believe that 1996 was 20 years ago? LIKE REALLY!? Crazy to think about, and the perfect time to take a revisit.

Highlights include:

*I did not mention Cronenberg’s Crash … not a highlight but a d’oh!

*Kurt Russell has Marcey drooling … what a shocker

*Marc has seen a certain ape film but not Fargo, what?!

*Romeo & Juliet to obsess over it or to hate it?

*That Thing You Do! is awesome but someone hasn’t seen it …

*Scream brought horror back from the grave

*Marc doesn’t like people who hate Independence Day

*Marcey is the Tom Cruise to Marc’s Cuba Gooding Jr – hail Xenu!

*Michael Bay does some good in 1996

*Plus so much more!

Borg Queen Capt Pic

Sexiest Duo Of 1996? Possibly … reow!

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