Super Podcast Audio Commentary Edition – Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

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Super Podcast Audio Commentary Edition – Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

l-r Sarah Berry (Annie), Dan Hicks (Jake), Kassie Wesley (Bobby Joe) and Bruce Campbell (Ash) star in Lionsgate Home Entertainment's Evil Dead II 25th Anniversary Edition.

Welcome back to another edition of our special Super Podcast Audio Commentary listeners!

Unfortunately your regular co-host Super Marcey wasn’t able to join this commentary, however her co-hosts Bede ‘The Terrible Australian’ Jermyn and Nick ‘The Canadian Bacon’ Bosworth took over the reigns of this one. Plus they also joined returning guest Pat Torfe and site contributor James Orrell, who co-hosts our spin-off wrestling podcast The Super Squared Circle Podcast. Since it’s October (which means that it’s horror month), we thought that we would do our latest audio commentary on a well known horror film. For this one, we decided that film would be director Sam Raimi’s classic horror/comedy Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

If you have never listened to a commentary, here is how it works. You simply need to grab a copy of the film, and sync up the podcast audio with the film. We will tell you when to press start, it is that easy! You can listen to it while you watch the film or listen to it on its own.


DISCLAIMER: This audio commentary isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it is just a humourous look at a classic horror film. It is for entertainment purposes, we do not wish to offend anyone who worked on and in the film, we have respect for you all.

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