[Wrestling] Monday Night Raw 12th October 2015 Review


Yes Monday Night Raw reviews are back (health pending of course), and this installment kicked off with Corporate Kane. We find out both Triple H and Stephanie are not there due to travel issues, so Corporate Kane is in charge.

Dean Ambrose kicks off the show, and he is joined by Randy Orton who informs us that the pair have a match against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman at HIAC. Naturally it is played up on whether these two will get along, but before it gets going anywhere New Day interrupts, and Corporate Kane makes a tag match.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton


Quite a fun back and forth match to kick off the show, New Day are entertaining as always and I just can’t seem to take my eyes off Big E when he moves his pelvis. I really enjoyed this match, it gave us the New Day being well the New Day. They are so over right now, and they need to be on TV doing something. Ambrose and Orton had some confusion during their match, which actually led to Kofi getting the pin on Orton, that was surprising. New Day getting put over is good, it really makes them a credible faction. Because creative can’t be original, Orton and Ambrose having issues will keep happening until their match where they will either get along or lose because of it.

Nikki Bella def. Naomi


This was a short match and honestly it wasn’t very well booked. The crowd wants Sasha, they are trying to play up that her popularity may have Team B.A.D. not getting along. Brie got on the mic to distract Naomi by also chanting We Want Sasha, but Sasha went and shut her up. The distraction was enough for Nikki to get the win. You know we all want the women to be used properly and to be seen as equals on the main roster. Booking like this is not helping, it is so hard to believe that WWE and NXT are the same company, being run so different.

John Cena is out and issuing the Open Challenge, as he comes out he has fun with the fans chanting John Cena Sucks. Dolph Ziggler answers the challenge, be funny if they brought up what happened on Total Divas in the season finale to play up this match but nada. Nikki did tweet about it though.

U.S. Champion John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler


Match the night by far, the back and forth action between these two was intense and by golly the near falls were fantastic! I really thought that Dolph may have gotten the win for the title, it looked so good for him and Cena did a decent job at selling when he needed to. It was pretty cool to see Dolph channeling his inner HBK too. I liked that this match told a good story and it was a longer match, the US Open Challenge has been one the highlights for Raw and I am glad it is back now that Cena has the title again. I actually would mind these two feuding long term, it gives them both something to do and they can put on some great matches. The US Open Challenge can still happen, but a good storyline feud would be great.

The Dudley Boyz def. The Ascension

A random match, no idea why the Dudleys were against The Ascension, are they still aligned with Stardust? Nothing much happened and the Dudleys got the win. No interaction with New Day either, not sure the point other than to make the Dudleys look strong.

King Barrett & Sheamus def. Cesaro & Neville


This was another entertaining match, and I do really like these two teams. Cesaro is well over and why WWE and creative didn’t run with his popularity I will never know. He deserves so much better, whether he keeps teaming with Neville I don’t know but they do work well together. Barrett and Sheamus make a really good team and this is a pairing I would like to see more of as well. Give all four of these guys some real substance, Sheamus has the MITB and I just can’t see him cashing in and winning right now. BUILD THEM UP WWE!

Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman via Count-out


Now this was an interesting and well booked match, not only did it really put Roman over (He gave a very good promo before the match, his skills are really improving) but he kept Braun looking like a monster. Normally the booking for something like this wouldn’t have made both men look strong, but it did and I was quite impressed that they pulled this off. Roman and Bray have the potential for a great feud ending match at HIAC and building it up this way is the right way to go about it.

Ryback def. Rusev


This felt like a quick match and it served a purpose, Ryback looked strong and THANK GOODNESS the on going angle with Summer is over. Rusev and Lana in real life got engaged a few weeks ago, it was confirmed by TMZ and WWE have acknowledged it and it will be used as storyline as well. Bringing Lana and Rusev back together is the right decision, Rusev just hasn’t seemed as strong (yes due to booking) but this whole storyline has done them no favours.

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens def. Kalisto

Quick match to put Kevin Owens over, both he and Ryback look strong and their next clash should be a good one. Nothing much else to say about this one.

Brie Bella & Alicia Fox def. Divas Champion Charlotte & Becky Lynch


Team Bella are ruling the wins for Raw, so there is that. Nattie came out with Charlotte and Becky and Paige was on commentary. This entire thing was a huge clusterfuck, again the booking is so awful. These women deserve so much more, Charlotte is champion and she hasn’t been booked that way. It is almost like she is lost in the shuffle, and that isn’t how you book your champion. Seriously get rid of whom ever is booking the women and get in the NXT booking. The fans want more and this is not how you give them more, at HIAC put Charlotte and Nikki in a gimmick match, a hardcore match or street fight, do something! And ENOUGH WITH THE SHIT BOOKING!

So Triple H told Corporate Kane that he could not face Seth Rollins, and well we all knew what would happen.

Kane def. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins


This match was all about Demon Kane, no one wanted a bar of him, Big Show may have tried to knock him out but Demon Kane was having none of that. I am glad that they are making Demon Kane look like the monster he deserves to be seen as, and booked as. Kane needs a really good run on top before he hands up the boots and please let this be it. A good way to end the show, and this feud is extremely entertaining. I don’t think Rollins has been badly booked as champion, could be some what better but he is a heel and its typical heel booking for a lot of it.

Overall it was an entertaining Raw that could have been a lot better in some places. How can booking be good in one area and shocking in another?




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