Why Penny (Big Bang Theory) Is The Worst Character Currently On TV


Yes sorry Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting but you play the WORST character currently on TV, and what makes this so sad is that you play a character on one of the most watched TV shows of all time.

This may come as a shock to some people, but Penny is just awful. I am talking about the character and not Kaley herself, she does a good job with what she is given. Penny has come along way over the years, she has developed into a very self centered and awful person. Penny sees herself as the best member of the group, despite the fact that aside from Howard (and herself) the entire group have PhD’s.

But why may this be? Well Penny is not a nerd or a geek, and she is attractive, that is all it is. Even when she was barely making any money, not making her rent payments, she considered herself better than anyone else on the show. Her looks are basically why Leonard pays for things for her and helps her out. This was well before they even began dating, his crush on her is based on how she looked. Nothing wrong with that, but she plainly used this fact with Leonard in those early seasons. Despite of all this she feels better than he does, entitled to be so, and during their times dating on the show she often puts him down. Making a joke about how Leonard wouldn’t get another woman, but she would rebound straight away. Not to mention the way she solves any and all problems is to drink them away yet despite how much she drinks this is never addressed as anything serious.


She couldn’t even wear a costume without being nasty about it.

Penny also likes to think she is better than everyone else because she seems to know all about say Brad and Angelina yet Sheldon and Leonard do not. There was an earlier episode that made fun of this, and she did seem to act like a know it all when they didn’t know who was voted the sexiest man alive twice. With the other two women on the show she takes the lead, you can tell she feels like she should be the best of the lot. And why? Because Bernadette is smart and with Howard, Amy is a huge nerd and never shows any skin and with Sheldon. It really is just very superficial with Penny, she rarely does anything nice for anyone.

I would go so far as to say that she isn’t nice (anymore) to any character on the show except on the occasions she is nice to Sheldon and Amy. I can’t buy her relationship with Leonard because there is no love there, she still feels superior to him, based on she’s a hot woman. She is always quite nasty to him, but it is done in a comedic way so we are meant to laugh it off. In the earlier seasons she was not always this way but she has gotten there and to put it plainly and I really do not want to use this word ‘she is a bitch’. The fact that she doesn’t want to go into the comic book store because it is beneath her is rather quite insulting (women go and work in comic book stores writers of BBT).


Penny is not superior to anyone on the show, she isn’t very educated, Bernadette helped her land a high paying job after her acting failed. She never thanked Bernadette for helping her, and in fact to get in at work she talked badly about Bernadette behind her back. She is not smarter than anyone on the show, she makes a lot of mistakes, and treats her so called friends very poorly. Not surprising Penny is a poorly written character and she is never allowed to really develop into a woman with substance.

I would love to enjoy Penny, but I really can’t, she is exactly what is wrong with the media portrayal of women. Why can’t the attractive woman be nice to everyone? Accept her friends for who they are? Not feel superior for superficial reasons? Better herself? This will not happen because The Big Bang Theory will not allow it, sure we have Bernadette and Amy who are stunning smart women, but especially in Amy’s case she isn’t considered a pretty one. She has grown as a character sure, but they tend to stop growing on this show. We can’t be totally shocked by the treatment of women, especially with how Penny is constantly written from the makers of one of the most sexiest and misogynist shows of all time Two And A Half Men.

Women deserve a far better representation on a television comedy than Penny no last name.


28 thoughts on “Why Penny (Big Bang Theory) Is The Worst Character Currently On TV

  1. This article is way to nice to Penny. Almost all my friends love this show, and we all have a white hot rage for Penny. Don’t get me wrong, Kaley Cuoko is hilarious! But the character of Penny rivals Joffery Baratheon and Skyler White as the most hated characters of all time. She’s a manipulating, condescending, worthless, pathetic, imbecile prostitute. She is tens of thousands of dollars in crippling debt years past due… and Boom! She bombs an interview for a mediocre job that was handed to her. But the next day she suddenly has a “guy” who takes care of her financials cause she makes “twice as much” as Leonard now. What a load of crap! This show just randomly said, “Uhhh… Maybe like, Penny has a bunch of money or something, like, out of no where, and like, uhhh… makes more money than PhDs, or something. Derp!”

  2. This article just expressed every reason why I dislike Penny. I don’t actually have so much of a problem with her being less educated than the guys than I do with her selfishness, arrogance and condescension towards them. Sometimes, her annoyance with them was justified; she was right to put Howard in his place when he wouldn’t stop pestering her for sex. And I do enjoy watching her friendship with Sheldon, which is the only relationship she has that appears to be based on mutual respect. But a lot of the time her behaviour irritates me, particularly with Leonard, who constantly devalues himself just because she is “conventionally attractive” (a stupid and nonexistent concept). I know Leonard is not perfect and some people dislike him altogether, but there is plenty of evidence that shows he is a decent, caring and loyal boyfriend to Penny, hence there is no reason for him to act as though he should kiss the ground she walks on just because she is attractive. It’s unhealthy. And I find it obnoxious that she constantly lauds her sex appeal in his face, which only lowers his self-esteem. A horrible character.

    • I couldn’t have typed all that better myself. If you ask me, she acts like she’s all perfect and stuff. Well, that isn’t my type of perfection. As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to see Sheldon kick her ass and get rewarded for it.

  3. I hate her as well, I never understood why she was around. If they took that character out everyone would still love the show. They need to write this character out. It makes so sense because if she is so superior why does she hang out with them?

    Because she’s a loser herself, no education, unsuccessful, to put it bluntly she is th cool kid that the other cool kids hate and make fun of. Ahe is at the bottom of her own social circle.

    Which wouldn’t be bad if they explored that angle , make her venerable somtimes, and apologetic, but still stay in character.

    Its not hard….

    • Thank you! I can’t stand her because of her feminazi bullcrap and hypocrisy. Hell, her street smarts piss me off. And so, I favor Sheldon over her. Besides, he has more flaws than Little Miss Perfect with Blonde Hair.

  4. I can’t stand her character either. She is a horrible person. As if some one with no education would be friends with these nerds. Not even possible. I like everyone else on this show but Penny.

  5. The thing that always drove me nuts about penny is she wanted to be an actress, but can’t appreciate Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Buff the Vampire Slayer or Star Trek. Those are some of the most successful franchises ever made, even an actress who was interested in the genre should be able to appcriate there success and pop cultural significance.

  6. I guess I do exactly what the writers want us viewers to do. Overlook the character of Penny being a bitch and laugh it off because Kaily is very attractive. But this article is spot on about Penny’s personality. The only thing you could say in her character’s defense is the group (mainly Sheldon) make fun of her being dim. That’s no reason for her to act the way she does just covering all basis.

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