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LGBT Horror Month Retrospective/PSA

LGBT Horror Month Retrospective/PSA

No fancy word play, no snark, no self-depreciation in the form of clever little annotations. Just raw opinion and an emotional response to an unfortunate situation in the world of the horror genre… and cinema in general. Horror almost always seems to cater to the straight, often male gaze that there doesn’t seem to be … Continue reading


Hey everyone, I have to send out an apology for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. I have been unwell and unable to really do anything. Hopefully this week things will start to go back to normal and posters and reviews will start to show up more frequently.

Announcement – 31 Days Of Horror For October

Announcement – 31 Days Of Horror For October

Hello my lovely readers, Super Marcey here and I have a very cool announcement regarding Starting October 1st, will be playing host to ’31 Days Of Horror For October’. So what is that you might ask? Well I am going to watch 1 horror film a day, for 31 days. The catch – … Continue reading

Best To Worst – Troll 2 Characters

I like lists and I thought I would rank the Troll 2 characters from Best To Worst. Yes there is much love for this film on the Super Blog 🙂 1. [BEST] Michael Waits (George Hardy) 2. [BEST] Creedence Leonore Gielgud (Deborah Reed) 3. Joshua Waits (Michael Stephenson) 4. Grandpa Seth (Robert Ormsby) 5. Elliott … Continue reading

My theme music

So I was thinking earlier today, if I could have theme music for every time I walked into a room, what would it be? At first I was thinking the Imperial March from Star Wars, but then I remembered my original Super Podcast theme music. This would definitely be my theme music (and song), I … Continue reading

The hospital experience

Hey folks, As some of you may know I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues the past few years, and to make a long story short I was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome (you can google it) which was being caused by a tumor (benign) on my adrenal gland. So Tuesday I went into hospital … Continue reading


Sending out some apologies for the lack of updates on the site over the past few weeks, life has gotten in the way as it does and I am currently suffering the flu. By the end of May or early June (with any luck) I am be having surgery and I will be needing to … Continue reading

Predictions for the 82nd Academy Awards

The Oscars are almost upon us, celebrating the year that was in film for 2009. While I think there are some fantastic films nominated, unfortunately there were quite a few things over looked. But that is not important, it is a done deal and Sunday night (Or Monday afternoon my time) people will get awarded … Continue reading