Compare the Superhero trailers: Thor vs. The Green Lantern


The two big Superhero films coming out next year are Marvel’s Thor and DC’s The Green Lantern. Now that both films have released trailers, who is ahead in the game? Well I have to give that to Thor, while The Green Lantern trailer was fine, it seemed too comedic and some of the effects didn’t quite seem right. However Thor has none of that, it takes itself seriously, it looks like it tells a good story, good acting (I loved Hopkins over acting) and some great effects. When the films come out, I am going to more likely be in line waiting for Thor over The Green Lantern. Generally speaking I am more of a DC fan, being a Superman-aholic but when it comes down to it a simple two and half minutes of footage has won me over. Point 1 to Marvel my friends!
Thor Trailer

The Green Lantern Trailer


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