If you want to sit back and relax for an hour and a half and leave your brain at the door and have a few laughs, well look no further than Red. In a nut shell that is what this film is, and it is quite fun and enjoyable without trying to be more than it is. Red was based upon a 3 part comic book mini-series which I haven’t read, so I can’t really compare the two. The film’s story centers on Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), he is a retired CIA agent and black ops agent, he’s living the quiet life. That is until one day he’s under attack, and he’s forced to go on the run and find out what is going on and why he is a target. Also on the run is Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), who Frank talks to over the phone but decides to visit her because he knows they’ll be after her as well. Throw in the mix some other retiree’s Marvin Boggs (Scene stealing John Malkovich), Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox) and Victoria (Helen Mirren). All the while Agent William Cooper (Karl Urban) is the main man after them.
What makes Red a fun film is the cast, Bruce Willis is good fun and clearly enjoying the role. Mary-Louise Parker worked well as the love interest type, and the woman thrown into the crazy situation. They had nice chemistry together, so it was good casting on both sides. Morgan Freeman does his usual thing, show up and be insanely cool. Brian Cox does much of the same, it was a little bizzare with the accent he had. Helen Mirren was a blast, she enjoyed this role and it showed. But the film belongs to John Malkovich, who’s character was insane and just a riot to watch. He worked well off everyone and he had the best lines, and well some of the best scenes. Karl Urban looked sexy, he was threatening and just such a cool cat. It was a great role for him, really nice to see him here.
The action was as you’d expect over the top, but it worked for this type of film. It wasn’t as crazy as The A-Team, but it was over the top all the same. The storyline seemed a little confusing at first, but as it played out it started to make more sense and it wasn’t much of an issue. The important thing here was to see these actors doing action, with age not being any kind of limit, and when it was doing that, the film was at it’s best. The biggest problem I had with the film was the pacing, it was slow at some parts, and extremely fast at others. Some things just didn’t flow with the rest, and it got a little confusing and irritating. The direction by Robert Schwentke was decent, there was definitely a lot of fun here but I think that got in the way when it came to the over all flow. A film that I can recommend, most will certainly enjoy this for what it is and have fun.

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