Blu-ray Review: WWE Destruction Of The Shield 2 Disc Set (2015)

Shield BluFeaturing: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

The Main Feature: As a huge fan of The Shield (and yes I was heartbroken when they split), I was thrilled to hear about this new set. They are very deserving of a feature and a bunch of match extras for a DVD/Blu-ray release. The team did take the WWE by storm, destroying everyone in their path, they started out as the heels, but won everyone over and by early last year they become the biggest faces of the company. Then after a big PPV win against Evolution, Seth Rollins turn on his brothers on the following Raw – needless to say my jaw was on the floor from shock.

So what did a huge fan like me think of this? I absolutely loved it! This covers their rise from before they were in the WWE (more so with Rollins and Ambrose), their time in FCW and NXT. I felt the focus was more on those two as they did train a lot before the WWE, and Reigns was more of a sports start and then got into the developmental system. They are all three very different guys, and as much as I think they wanted to focus equally on them, Reigns got left out a little.

It is always interesting to see the early days of the wrestlers, each guy felt like a natural for it and they all do have the passion. Nice to see some interviews with Gab Sapolsky and other men who were instrumental in their journey. No surprise to those that know the history, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Sami Zayn were on hand to talk about the men as well.

As great as this feature is to watch and it does offer some insight of these three men away from their persona’s, it just wasn’t long enough. A lot more could have been explored, showing their time together as The Shield and the big aftermath of Rollins turning on them. The feature ends at Summerslam, which is fine – it was originally a WWE Network special. Since then the guys have done some amazing things, Reigns winning the Rumble (fans were not happy), Ambrose managed to main event more than one PPV and Rollins is the biggest heel of the company at the moment. So I think it would have been a better overall product with 30 minutes more, but we have is a great watch all the same.

Recommended for those who like me are hardcore wrestling fans, fans of the three or casual fans with a passing interest.


The Australian Blu-ray
Audio/Video: Top quality as always with a WWE product, both the picture and audio quality are perfection. I was very impressed with both, but I think the audio was especially impressive – very crisp and clear.

Extras: There are around 8 hours of extras, that is a lot to go through individually over the span of 2 discs. You can relive a lot of matches from the early days of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in FCW. There are bonus interviews for selected matches as well, well worth watching before the matches.

There are also some good matches from their days in NXT, always good to look back on them.

A good amount of matches from their first year in WWE are also included, including their first match as The Shield against Ryback and Hell No. The matches also include stuff from their post Shield careers including Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton.

The Blu-ray includes some extras not included on the DVD, with interviews and Roman Reigns impressive Royal Rumble match where he got the most eliminations ever.

Personally I would highly recommend the FCW and NXT stuff, I had seen these before the blu-ray and they were fun to watch again. For anyone who is only familiar with their work in WWE, that is where you should start.

Overall Rating

You can buy the Blu-ray here –

Thanks to Shock for their support.

One thought on “Blu-ray Review: WWE Destruction Of The Shield 2 Disc Set (2015)

  1. Looks like a good watch but I’m probably going to wait until it’s available on the Network to watch it. They really were an incredible faction and I was pretty shocked to see them split too but I think it was ultimately the right decision in the end so that they could all take their individual careers where they wanted to (whether it works out or not). Just out of interest – who do you think is achieving the most success popularity wise since the split? And who do you think will be the most succesful in the future? – (which one will get the biggest push basically?) I personally think Rollins and Ambrose have everything to be true major superstars but Roman Reigns is just missing on too many things for me… he has a great look but that’s about it. No mic ability and a very limited move set…but we’ll see on Sunday as I think it’s make or break time for him.


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