DVD Review: Winx Club Season 1 Box Set [PG]

Winx Club DVD Box Set Season 1The Show: I may be known as the Monster High girl, but I am also quite familiar with Winx Club too (I have two Bloom dolls in my collection). Season 1 is now available on DVD in Australia in a box set, really happy to see. Now I am not exactly the Winx Club’s target audience, however I actually do enjoy it for what it is. My 5 year old niece really enjoys watching the show, it is something we can do together. That alone is something special, she’s 5 so it takes something awesome to get her to sit and concentrate. Winx Club gets more points for that, so what is it about the show?

Winx Club is about an Earth girl called Bloom, who discovers she has magical powers. She meets a fairy called Stella, who takes her to the Alfea School For Fairies. They are joined by room mates Flora, Musa and Tecna. While they study at school, they have to deal with evil forces (witches) Icy, Darcy and Stormy. They do meet some friends along the way with the boys The Specialists, who also become love interests.

Originally Winx Club was a cartoon made in Italy for Italian audiences, it became popular and it was the first Italian cartoon series to get sold to America. Being familiar with Italian cartoons, I picked up on that right away, it does have a distinct Italian feel to it with the animation and the character design. With an English dub (it isn’t too bad to be honest), and probably some editing, this is the show that most are now familiar with. It isn’t hard to see why it has appeal, it is a fun show, the fairies themselves are all unique and cute, and it has that school setting where they learn magic yet fight it at the same time. I like to refer to Winx Club as the Italian Sailor Moon, they have a lot of similarities but are also starkly different. They have their sequences when they transform into their other selves, I love both series sequences too.

I wouldn’t say Winx Club is strictly for young girls, boys can enjoy it as well. And well I am proof that adults can enjoy the show also, it isn’t anything ground breaking but just a lot of fun. I really do like the animation even though it is a little rough and cutesy. The characters all have their own looks and personalities, my favourite aside from Bloom is Tecna. The witches are also very unique and quite evil, I do love Icy. Winx Club is good at teaching those who watch it about the value of friendship and the difference between good and evil. It isn’t high on the lessons, but they are there. I can see why some parents may take issue with the show, the girls enjoy their fashion and boys. I was a teenage girl and I did enjoy those things as well, and being from Italy, things are very different there.

At the end of the day it is a show that is bright and colourful, a lot of fun for all ages and a nice addition to the DVD collection. I am looking forward to the other seasons getting released, I can watch this at least again with my niece and have some fun.

Winx Club Season 1

The Australian DVD
Audio/Video: Fairly decent for both picture and audio quality, looks a lot better than on TV – I was quite impressed.

Extras: The DVD comes in English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Strange we don’t have Italian, which was the original language of the cartoon.

Overall Rating

You can buy the DVD set here – http://www.screenpop.com.au/dvd/winx-club-season-1-box-set/28217.html

Thanks to Shock for their support.

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