[90s Horror Movie Month] The Prophecy (1995)


It feels weird to me that I never actually watched this film when it came out, the trailer was on all the VHS tapes I rented. I pretty much saw the trailer every week, and probably more than once and it looked cool. The subject felt up my alley as well, films with religious themes just appeal to me for some reason. So in doing 90’s Horror Movie Month, I made a list of films and I left this off, and re-visiting the list I remembered to add this one. So after almost 20 years I finally got to sit and watch this, was it worth the wait? Sadly … no not at all.

The film deals with a war in heaven, and angels are on Earth to collect something that could bring the war to an end. Caught up in this is Detective Thomas Dagget, a man who was going to become a Priest and a young girl who came across the angel Simon (Eric Stoltz). The angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken) also comes to Earth and is determined to finish things.


The premise is intriguing, a war in heaven and angels coming to Earth, but the execution of this just does not work. The film starts off well enough and it is interesting for the first 15 minutes, but by the 45 minute mark it had lost me. I wasn’t invested in the film, it became rather boring and I kept checking the time, a very bad sign. I will give the film this, it is a lot better than LEGION, another angel film that is easily one of the worst films of the past few years.

The cast is solid, Eric Stoltz and Elias Koteas are very good and they definitely make this worth watching. You can’t go wrong with Virginia Madsen either, and Viggo Mortensen has a great role but sadly shows up too late and I certainly could have used more of him. Christopher Walken is just weird in this film, he doesn’t really give a good performance but it isn’t really bad. It is just there and it is a bit distracting. I really can’t describe it, and I am still obviously at a loss for words.

THE PROPHECY could have been a good film, instead it is just an okay film. I perhaps was going in with an expectation and that could have been a problem. I wont be going out of my way to watch it again any time soon, and I am sorry I didn’t like it as much as you Bea (wink).


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