Cast This: Justice League Film

As discussed on this week’s The Reel Thing radio show, the task was to cast a Justice League film.

My idea for the film is to have it be a mixture of a dark tone yet contain humor and a lot of heart.

I chose my cast according to whom I could see in the role. I picked a fresh cast, villains and a director.

Superman – Joe Manganiello
Batman – Armie Hammer
Green Lantern – Matt Bomer
The Flash – Michael Rosenbaum
Cyborg – Michael B. Jordan
Wonder Woman – Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Aquaman – Jamie Bell
Hawkman – Joel Edgerton
Martian Manhunter – Anthony Mackie
Supergirl – Amber Heard
Lex Luthor – Jon Hamm
Brainiac – Jim Parsons
Toy man – Kurt Russell
Director – Brad Bird


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