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Cast This: Justice League Film

As discussed on this week’s The Reel Thing radio show, the task was to cast a Justice League film. My idea for the film is to have it be a mixture of a dark tone yet contain humor and a lot of heart. I chose my cast according to whom I could see in the … Continue reading

Meet your new Superman!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the ‘in the works’ Superman film by Zack Snyder has found it’s star. Henry Cavill from Great Britain is our new Superman/Clark Kent. I do not know much about the man, which is the way I like my Superman. I definitely prefer a more obscure choice, as it has been done … Continue reading

Superman: Secret Origin

Rating: 5/5 ‘This is awesome’ is what I kept repeating to myself as I was reading Superman: Secret Origin. Obviously Superman is a character that has been done so many times, over and over. He is an icon that is known so well, and even if you’re a person who doesn’t read comics, you’ll know … Continue reading

Finally, the new Superman film has a director!

Thank you! Finally, it seems things are actually moving forward on the new Superman film. The director of The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan is Producing this ‘reboot’ and it seems they have finally picked a director after a lot of speculation (Names like Duncan Jones and Matt Reeves had been thrown around). Zack Synder the … Continue reading