Finally, the new Superman film has a director!

Thank you! Finally, it seems things are actually moving forward on the new Superman film. The director of The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan is Producing this ‘reboot’ and it seems they have finally picked a director after a lot of speculation (Names like Duncan Jones and Matt Reeves had been thrown around). Zack Synder the man who brought Watchmen to the big screen is our director!
This news makes me happy, I have been a fan of his work (I loved the Dawn of the Dead remake, and 300 is a fun film), Watchmen is the perfect adaptation in my opinion. I think he could do great things with Superman, and according to Deadline he is going to start work on the film as soon as post is finished with Sucker Punch (which itself looks pretty awesome).
I am pretty excited, we are going to get another Superman film!
Source: Deadline

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