The Super Podcast Episode 160: Revisiting Films That Didn’t Click

The Super Podcast Episode 160
Revisiting Films That Didn’t Click

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Welcome back to another episode of The Super Podcast with your hosts Super Marcey and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn.

In this episode, we welcome back our good friend of the show and regular special guest Sam Inglis (Growing Pains & 24FPS) to finally do an episode that has been works between the three of us for quite a while now. What is that you ask? We decided for this one, each of us pick a film that someone among us either we didn’t like or care for from years ago and see if a recent re-viewing of it has changed our opinion on it today. For Marcey it’s the 2014 horror film The Babadook, for Bede it’s the 2008 French horror film Martyrs and for Sam it’s the 1981 revenge exploitation film Ms. 45. We have lot of really in-delpth discussions on this episode but the question is, did our minds change on the films we revisited? You’ll have to listen to find out!

This episode contains discussions of film spoilers and topics/themes that might be distressing or triggering. Listener discretion is advised.

Highlights include:

* We welcome back Sam to the show!

* Bede’s pick for Marcey is The Babdook. How does she feel about the film now after loving director Jennifer Kent’s follow-up The Nightingale?

* Marcey really hates the kid from The Babadook!

* It occurs to the gang that all three of their films contain quite a number of similarities between them

* Is Bede finally on the Martyrs bandwagon? We won’t give it away

* Sam has a lot of thoughts on Ms. 45

* The gang debate the merits of star Zoë Lund’s performance in Ms. 45

* Did any of our film revisits work out for the positive?

* Plus much, much more!

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