Super Podcast Ep 158 – Top 5 Horror Films We Would Show At A Slumber Party

Super Podcast Ep 158 – Top 5 Horror Films We Would Show At A Slumber Party

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Welcome back to another episode of The Super Podcast with your hosts Super Marcey and ‘The Terrible Australian’ Bede Jermyn.

In this episode Marcey & Bede are rejoined by their friend Mike D., co-host of Splathouse and The ScreamCast , to discuss his upcoming new YouTube series he co-created/co-host Splathouse Productions: Slumber Party Sleepover, which is premiering on the Halloween. Afterwards we talk about that if we were to curate a all night movie marathon for a slumber party, which 5 horror films would we pick.

Some of the films we’ve curated contain a mixture of bunch of beloved classics to some very obscure gems. Believe us after listening to this episode, you may even want to do marathon of some of these films as well.

Highlights Include:

* We welcome back Mike D. to the show!

* Mike tells us about Slumber Party Sleepover and what we can expect from the series

* Our slumber party curated marathon lists each contain films that have a  particular theme about them

* Which underrated ’90s horror sequel makes Marcey’s list?

* One of Mike’s pick has the very onscreen credit from now famous Hollywood director

* Want a little Vincent Price for your movie marathon? Bede has that covered!

* Wait, the film Beyond Re-Animator (which we recently did a Tubi Tuesdays Podcast episode on) had a techno song recorded for it?!

* Slumber parties or sleepovers: what do we call them in Australia?

* Plus much, much more!


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