Super Podcast In Conversation: Bede Discusses Art With Anthony Christou

Welcome to this ongoing series here in the Super Podcast land called Super Podcast In Conversation. So what sets this aside from the usual podcast shenanigans? Well folks this is a scaled back series, just your trusty host Bede ‘the Terrible Australian’ Jermyn (usually this series is hosted by Super Marcey but she wasn’t able to make this one due to work, so Bede will be filling in for this episode instead) and a very special guest, as they engage in conversation about life, work and inspirations. The aim of this series is to inspire and give people out there a bit of a different outlook on life and know what anything is possible, you just have to work hard and keep at it.

Welcome to the latest edition of Super Podcast In Conversation, with your terribly Aussie host Bede Jermyn. In this episode of In Conversation I sit down and have a one-on-one chat with Adelaide artist, illustrator and writer Anthony Christou, who is currently in Melbourne to attend the 1st ever Indie Comic Con. This one episode that has been in works for a while, so we’re very excited to finally talk to Anthony on the podcast.

Listen in as we discuss Anthony’s childhood and what lead him to becoming an artist, his inspirations to how he approaches his work, the struggles that he faced during the earlier part of his career and the success that he found as a concept artist for both films and video games. We also talk about his fantasy comic book series LUMINOUS AGES, what inspired him to create it, the new Kickstarter campaign that he has arranged for it. Plus he gives his advice to everyone out here who is interested in becoming an artist as well.

I would like to thank Anthony for taking the time to jumping on the podcast to chat with me, it was a really a lot of fun. I’ve been a fan of Anthony’s work for a few years now, so this discussion was both really fascinating and insightful to me. I hope that this episode has inspired all you listeners in some way. If you happen to live in Melbourne, be sure to come down and check out Anthony’s stall at Indie Comic Con this Saturday. Also if you want to support Anthony and his comic LUMINOUS AGES, you can contribute to his Kickstarter campaign here.

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