[90’s Movie Month] Live Tweeting The Cable Guy (1996)

Welcome back to another live tweet session, kicking off 90’s movie month with Ben Stiller’s The Cable Guy.

Here we go a live tweet session of

I actually think it’s one of the best comedy of the 90’s, it’s a dark film that audiences didn’t get

Ben Stiller did a good job as director, good cast as well. A unique role for Jim Carrey

A nice satire on TV too, and there’s Jack Black

Could do without seeing Matthew Broderick in the shower though

Here’s Jim Carrey and I love the way he plays this. It’s over the top but not extreme.

It’s a good opening, very unsuspecting. No idea what to expect if it’s a first time watch.

Great Jim Carrey is molesting the wall …

Broderick’s character is such an annoying ass.

Love the on going courtcase on the TV with Stiller as Sam Sweet

Broderick’s character deserves a punch in the face

After he acts like a dick he tries to get free movie channels off the cable guy.

Jim Carrey’s character is lonely … poor bastard

Even if he’s unhinged the cable guy is a nice dude. Just don’t piss him off yo

I wonder if this film came out today whether it would still be a flop

They both have Daddy issues

This film has some great dialogue

Jim Carrey’s character has been so poorly treated he’s desperate for a friend but he could have done better than asshole Brod

Yep Brod, Leslie Mann should have dumped your ass

Now the stalking commenses and it’s really creepy … brrrrr

This basketball game is pretty hilarious, it’s well done

If Jim Carrey’s shorts were any shorter he would be wearing jocks … eeeesh

Even though he’s totally unhinged, when Brod tells him they aren’t friends Jim just get heartbroken so sad

He plays it well and he would be less sympathetic if Brod wasn’t such an ass

So Judd Apatow wrote a lot of this film and Leslie Mann is in it … coincidence?

So now he needs help the cable guy is his friend … jerk!!!!

He’s so selfish! I can’t side with Brod, Jim Carrey all the way!

He’s so cunning though, but he’s not stupid. If things don’t go his way he will stuff your life up!

Jim Carrey’s character as a kid was raised on TV but most of us were

I would love to go to one of these medieval restaurants – looks like fun

It’s Ms Garafalo in a fun cameo!

Would have been interesting if Chris Farley had played the cable guy.

The silence of the lambs scene is so random!

Now they battle! It looks so much fun though πŸ˜‚

Ooooops the fake out manuvuer! Go Jim! Kick his asshole face in

“It’s like when Kirk and Spock had to do battle” and they play the music hehe

Lol now they battle on horses, yeah he’s not unhinged at all

Totally not creepy breaking into someone’s place and leaving them a home entertainment system. Call the cops maybe?!

Surely his character can’t be that stupid …

Where did all these people come from for a karaoke party?!

Lol he gets him a lose your lisp tape, uuuhhhh ok

Ha I had forgotten he got him a hooker! Yep why hasn’t he called the cops

At least Rick aka Jack Black is on to the cable guy, he’s not stupid

Jim Carrey singing Somebody To Love is just glorious

The song is quite fitting when you listen to the lyrics and what the Brod goes through in the film

I love how trippy this scene is, fits in perfectly

Nothing quite beats Carrey’s 70’s outfit

Gotta love the sneaky polaroids he takes … naughty

Ren and Stimpy on the tv WOOO

Ha he finds out she was a prostitute, like really how did he not know?!

Yes get the unstable man angry … that’ll work out well Brod

Carrey looks like creepy Ben Stiller in his ‘disguise’

Leslie Mann on a date with sleazy Owen Wilson

Ah the lovely bathroom assault scene, that’s not overkill at all

Assault via eye brow plucking … hardcore

He’s that unstable he still tries to help Brod …

Eric Roberts cameo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that’s just brilliant

Now he’s all charming to Robin, classic tactic

Ah the perfect manipulator

Oh boy now Brod’s life is going to go to the shitter, but he sort of deserves it

Brod is such a bad friend, just dumps poor Jack Black

Geez you’re breaking his heart Brod, big mistake

He’s got great tactics for messing with people who flob him off

He took it to the extreme, he’s getting arrested for stolen goods. Because you know he was stupid enough to not question Carrey

“Are you taking the pot” says his father haha

Bad luck Brod weekend in lock up, oh and here’s Carrey to cause more trouble.

Oh yeah he flashes his nipple, he knows what to do

Creep factor at 300% right now

Oh good make up with your only true friend, smart move Brod

Chip Douglas, Larry Tate … clever names

Now he’s at the parents house, creepy cable guy

Porno password is clearly the best game ever

“The password is vagina” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

“Penith … penith …”

Better Call Saul is Brod’s brother in this, how did I not notice

Brod you are acting crazy, that’s not how you deal with it …

Ha Brod punched him in front of the family, bad bad move

He hacks the computer system, seriously Brod don’t you know how to handle anything?

He gets you arrested and fired, seriously dude how do you keep making bad decisions

Oh finally the smart one, Jack Black figures out that Carrey is loopy

“They booted his ass for stalking customers” yeah no shit

But you know don’t call the cops or anything …

That nightmare scene was so random

Now he’s stalking Robin, call the cops omg it’s not difficult

Like can’t you see he’s obviously unstable

Crazy finale on the information super highway and no one called the cops …

A punch to the mouth gets rid of the lisp, another punch brings it back

Sirens finally … cops!

Oh nice the cops have a helicopter

Weapon of choice … staple gun

These cops are useless, Brod has to stop the crazy from jumping off

Pretty sad the cable guy has broken so bad he sees suicide as his only option

On the other side of that the satellite reception gets ruined by his fall so the viewers can’t see the outcome of the TV trial

He’s not dead, but will they commit him or lock him up behind bars …

We never even know his real name

And he meets his next victim … uh geez

That wraps up my live tweeting of


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