Super Podcast Ep 144 – 2016 Film Recommendations & 2017 Film Preview

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Super Podcast Ep 144 – 2016 Film Recommendations & 2017 Film Preview


Welcome back to the Super Podcast for our 144th episode, and the very first episode for 2017!

Your hosts Super Marcey and Bede ‘The Terrible Australian’ Jermyn welcome you to a brand new year and a brand new podcast. So what is on the menu for this first installment for the year?

With 2016 having come to an end, instead of naming our top films for last year we throw out 5 recommendations each. For films you may have missed or went under the radar that we highly recommend people check out. Then we go over what is scheduled for release for this year and preview the films we are excited about!


Highlights include:

* Happy New Year

* We both recommend docos from 2016

* Bede recommends a zombie film and Marcey recommends a sci-fi flick

* Let’s see whats coming out this year

* Are Dane DeHaan and Ruby Rose in every film coming out?

* There’s more Superhero films coming!

* F8 Of The Furious and Transformers have us pumped

* The end of the year will bring us more Star Wars and the last starring Carrie Fisher *sheds tear*

* There’s lots of animated films coming out …. what???

* Plus much, much more!




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