Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #2: Spice World: The Movie

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 2nd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Two weeks ago over the Facebook page I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… SPICE WORLD: THE MOVIE! Did I get swept up by girl power? Or was able to resist it with every fibre of my being? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

Spice World movie image starring the Spice Girls

I’m not going to lie, I always thought that Emma was pretty hot lol #spiceworld

I’ve always wondered: did Victoria ever do anything in the group? #spiceworld

If you think that would be the worse film that Alan Cumming has appeared in, clearly you haven’t seen SON OF THE MASK yet #spiceworld

It amazes how there managed so many well-known actors and celebrities to be in this film, whether they are supporting or cameo roles. #spiceworld

They must all been paid very, very well #spiceworld

Wait a second, this movie had a script?! #spiceworld

Why the hell is Mel B. wearing one of Madonna’s pointy bras on her head? #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #1: Elton John  #spiceworld

Geri just slapped Elton John on the arse. Isn’t this suppose to be a family film? #spiceworld

Did Richard E. Grant just tell a photographer not to do any ‘up skirt’ shots?! o_O #spiceworld

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Spice Girl’s HQ would not able to fit in the inside of that bus #spiceworld

I like the fact that Meat Loaf is the Spice Girl’s bus driver #spiceworld

Mel B. looks like a Minotaur in that costume #spiceworld

SEXY PILLOW FIGHT! #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #2: Jonathon Ross  #spiceworld

Oh, please Geri put some pants on #spiceworld

George Wendt faced a lot of hard times after finishing CHEERS #spiceworld


Bond. James Bond. #spiceworld

So basically the Spice Girls drive around in a bus all day? Makes sense. #spiceworld

I’m going to lie and this is the God’s honest truth: I actually saw this film in the cinema when it came out in 1998. No Joke #spiceworld

I don’t know why but I can’t stop looking a Mel B.’s hair in this scene. It looks like she has balls on her head #spiceworld

This scene must be a slap to the face for Mel C. since she is the only one so far who hasn’t kids #spiceworld

OMG! Victoria has transformed into Cruella de Vil in this fantasy sequence o_O  #spiceworld

Now the film has decided to turn into a music video for a moment #spiceworld

I’m not going lie and I’ll probably lose my man card for this but I actually like this song. Ahh…. *runs away* #spiceworld

“The Posh one! The Posh one!” “Which one?” “The one that looks posh!” #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #3 & #4: Barry Humphries and Jason Flemyng #spicewolrd

Barry Humphries should have played as his character Les Patterson in this scene #spiceworld

For crying out loud Barry stop spitting every time you talk! #spiceworld

For some bizarre reason, it’s started to rain inside the office #spiceworld


This is how I wondered what a Hollywood film pitch meeting would be like #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #6: Hugh Laurie. Yes, really. #spiceworld

Emma’s smile was more creepy than cute in that fantasy sequence #spiceworld

Ahhh… Maybe people wouldn’t stereotype you if you didn’t actually play up to your stereotype  #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #7: Dominic West #spiceworld

Another music montage? Oh, right. It’s been 5 minutes without one #spiceworld

Victoria’s audition video for a James Bond film. Yeah, that’s never going to happen #spiceworld

Victoria dressing up as Emma is kind of disturbs me for some reason #spiceworld

That’s a perfect impression of Geri, Mel B. #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #8: Richard O’Brien. Clearly he is reprising his role from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #9 & #10: Jennifer Saunders and Bob Geldof #spiceworld

Geri looks like a crow in that outfit #spiceworld

Mel B. has turned Bob Geldof into a minotaur as well #spiceworld

You know this subplot with the best friend of the Spice Girls is kind of pointless when you think about it #spiceworld

Although the actress who plays the best friend in the film does do a solid job #spiceworld


I don’t know why but Roger Moore makes me laugh in this film lol #spiceworld

For some reason Mel B. is wearing an astronaut suite #spiceworld

The Spice Girls just made a penis joke. This film is supposed to be a PG rated family right? #spiceworld

I don’t know why but I keep being distracted by this Italian director’s unibrow #spiceworld

Yeah, I really did not need to see a lot of man arse in this film thank you very much. How is this a family film again? #spiceworld

The Bus Driver: “Listen, I love these girls and I do anything for them… But I won’t do that”. Nice reference there, Meat Loaf #spiceworld

Just when you thought that this film couldn’t get more insane, Aliens decide to show up #spiceworld


An Alien just tried to grope Mel B.’s boobs, I guess you could say she had a *real* close encounter of the third kind *ba-da-dis* #spiceworld

These Aliens look like giant Troll Dolls #spiceworld

These are like the worst Alien costumes I have ever seen lol #spiceworld

Also for some bizarre reason, the Spice Girls know what they are saying despite not speaking the same language  #spiceworld

I like the running gag though-out the film with Roger Moore having a different pet animal every time we see him #spiceworld


So there dance teacher is named Mr. Step. Rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt…. #spiceworld

Seriously, which Dance School did Mr. Step get kicked out of from? He can’t dance at all #spiceworld

Another music montage. I think the 200th one we’ve had so far #spiceworld

Victoria is the laziest person of all time. No wonder she married David Beckham #spiceworld

Did I just hear the FRIDAY THE 13TH theme? #spiceworld

AHHHH! A Ghoulie! Oh, wait it’s just Richard O’Brien coming out of a toilet #spiceworld

I don’t know how he could squeeze though a toilet but whatever #spiceworld

Okay, that line Victoria just said was kind of funny #spiceworld

Sometimes I wonder what Richard E. Grant’s role would have been like if Christopher Walken played him #spiceworld

Richard E. Grant just tried to straggle Emma’s toy rabbit. Cleary he is channelling Gary Busey in this scene  #spiceworld

I bet Richard E. Grant had a couple of real stiff drinks while making this film #spiceworld

I wonder if they had to get permission from Quentin Tarantino use his Fox Force Five idea from PULP FICTION for this scene #spiceworld

I just saw Emma’s underwear. Seriously, it’s a bit hard not to notice #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #11:  Bob Hoskins. I guess he lost his dignity when he did SUPER MARIO BROS just so he could do this cameo. #spiceworld

I wonder if Alan Cumming and Bob Hoskins knew that one day that they would star together as father and son in SON OF THE MASK #spiceworld


Wait, they’re using a song in the film that’s not from the Spice Girls?! Whoa… #spiceworld

I think the message of this film is trying to say is that the media are a bunch of arseholes #spiceworld

Roger Moore doesn’t have to do or say anything to get a laugh out of me lol #spiceworld

Plus the pet has in this scene is a pig. Winning. #spiceworld

What is with all the multi coloured books on Geri’s bookshelf?  #spiceworld

Okay, this flashback about how the Spice Girls got together is false and never actually happened at all #spiceworld

This movie is nothing but lies! LIES I TELL YOU!! LLLLIIIIIEEEEESSSSS!!! #spiceworld

I don’t know how the Spice Girls can telepathically share the same flashback together at the same time but whatever   #spiceworld

It’s a bit eerie that this film kind of predicted that the Spice Girls would basically split up not long after this film came out #spiceworld

Gratuitous cameo #12: Stephen Fry  #spiceworld

This court room fantasy sequence makes make laugh. Stephen Fry nails this scene #spiceworld

It’s funny how the last line in this court room scene is different in the U.K. and U.S. versions of this films…  #spiceworld

… In the U.K. version Fry calls in Gary Barlow (of the boy band Take That), while in the U.S. version he… #spiceworld

… Calls in Hootie & The Blowfish. I can see why they changed but personally, I think that the Gary Barlow punchline works best #spiceworld

Richard E. Grant is reprising his famous role of Withnail in this bar scene #spiceworld Gratuitous cameo #13: Elvis Costello (actually I don’t recall his cameo in the U.K. version)  #spiceworld

What the Hell kind of night club are the Spice Girls in?! #spiceworld

I’m not going to lie about this too: the scene with Spice Girls and the kid in the coma makes me laugh as well ##spiceworld

Victoria’s facial reactions during this birthing scene are pretty funny #spiceworld

You know there really is no reason for Alan Cumming to be in this film. Actually I could say that about everyone else too #spiceworld

Umm… Why is Meat Loaf sleeping outside on the grass for? That’s doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t there any beds on the bus? #spiceworld


You know what’s funny? This SPEED joke is actually a much than the entirety of SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL #spiceworld

I think Richard E. Grant was thinking about his agent when he was choking that Hollywood screenwriter #spiceworld

I’m sorry can anyone not love Emma? She’s so cute! #spiceworld

I bet Richard E. Grant was going to use that noose once filming was completed #spiceworld

Mel B. looks like she has Devil horns on her head with that hair style #spiceworld

Roger Moore is gettin’ down! #spiceworld


If anyone hasn’t already figured it out by now, this film is one of my most shameful guilty pleasures… #spiceworld

Did I just say that out loud? Ahhh… Forget everything you just read #spiceworld

Don’t worry Richard E. Grant. This film will not end your career… There are plenty of other films afterwards that will though #spiceworld

Ah, oh. The Spice Girls are breaking the 4th wall #spiceworld

Well, that’s the end of the film. I don’t know about anyone else but I think the film some more girl power but that’s me #spiceworld

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 2nd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in a few weeks for the next one which will be either on the following three films: BATMAN & ROBIN, BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR or THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE. Which one will it be? Go to the Facebook page and vote on the poll!


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