Highlights from Perth Oz Comic Con!

After stomping the ground at the first ever Oz Comic Con to visit Perth, G-Funk is here to give you the highlights of the event! If you’re in Adelaide and getting ready for the next stop of the convention then these are the things to watch out for.

The Cosplay!

All the people who went to town on their costumes made it such a great event to be at! There were some seriously creative and impressive things to see walking around the stall, it makes the day worthwhile. Whilst we’ll be counting down the best over at House of Geekery we must give a shout out to Sexy Deadpool, who kept turning up in photos whether we wanted him or not!


And of course my personal favourite…lots and lots of Harleys!


The Panels

It’s tough for the guests of the con when everyone wants to stop and chat at the signing table, especially when there’s a long line of patiently waiting fans. The panels were a great chance to hear some good stories and ask your questions. Richard Dean Anderson put on a great show for fans and took the time to answer as many questions as he could. The writers and artists of Gestalt Comics did some fantastic panels that anyone looking for new reading material should make time for.

Richard Dean Anderson panel.

Richard Dean Anderson panel.

The Aussies in Comics Panel

The Aussies in Comics Panel

The Guests

Given that they’re pinned to a desk with an endless line of fans clamouring for their time it’s always nice to meet guests who are so welcoming and friendly. Of particular note for us was Patricia Quinn, who spent a good five minutes chatting with each person visiting her desk. She’s got plenty of cool Rocky Horror stories to share!

Comic Alley

I think Nicola Scott was very tolerant of us lurking around her table for long periods of time so we could watch her draw. It’s astounding to watch her bring these characters to life. Make sure you visit the Gestalt Comics Booth as they have an awesome selection of their work available – if you haven’t read Changing WaysThe Deep and Torn yet you’ll going to find yourself missing out on the next big thing. Seriously.

Justin Randall and co at the Gestalt table.

Justin Randall and co at the Gestalt table.

Nicola Scott working a commission.

Nicola Scott working a commission.

The Vibe

Geek culture has come a long way in the past decade, going from a fringe group of obsessives to widespread popularity. It’s downright fantastic to see so many people out and about, enjoying their fandoms and mingling with like-minded folk. Especially in Perth, which doesn’t see many Cons coming their way, everyone made the most of the weekend and turned up in droves.In fact, it seems organisers weren’t expecting to see such a massive turnout. Although any Con will see more than a bit of time waiting in lines and working through the crowds the atmosphere was nothing but good feeling and excitement!

For more coverage of the Perth Oz Comic Con event please head over to HOUSEOFGEEKERY.COM there’s a  wonderful array of photos for you to check out! Photo credit: C. Aric Hanley for House of Geekery.

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