[31 Days Of Horror] Mini Review – My Bloody Valentine (1981)


So I unfortunately didn’t get to My Bloody Valentine (1981) last year with my horror film marathon, so I slapped it on this years viewing list deciding once and for all to catch it. I really enjoyed the remake, and I thought ‘damn the original must be awesome then’, oh boy was that the wrong assumption!

This film is not a very good one, it is uninteresting, so badly paced and structured, I did not dig it much at all. It is about a sort of towns’ legend of a killer who killed on Valentine’s Day over the annual dance, as he was caught up in a mining collapse that happened while the dance was on. The town stopped having the dance, and 20 years later they decided to start the dance up once again. But wouldn’t you know it – bodies are piling up! So who is it this time?

The reveal in this case I thought was pretty weak, as were all the characters. It was clear I was meant to care for them but they weren’t developed and came off as stupid, so yeah I didn’t give a toss. The only aspect that worked were the kills themselves, they were so mean and nasty that I actually started to anticipate them. They were inventive, and it kept the mystery up about whom the killer was and why they were being so harsh. The mining outfit certainly added to the scare factor, that costume is creepy!

Overall this film was weak and I just didn’t care all that much. Glad I finally checked it out but a huge disappointment.

 You can read my full review over at MoreHorror.

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