Super Podcast – An Intimate Conversation With Brad ‘MaleCrystalBall’ Kilmer [Uncensored]

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Welcome to a very special episode of Super Podcast, as Super Marcey interviews a very special guest! Super Podcast is very happy to welcome for the first time Brad Kilmer aka MaleCrystalBall! Brad is one of the stars in Rena Riffel’s Showgirl (The unofficial sequel to Showgirl) not to mention he sings … Hey did you ever hear Caesar sing? You’ll love it!
Highlights Include:
* Brad introduces himself darlin’
* We talk about Showgirls, naturally
* How Brad got involved with Showgirl
* Want to hear a live song or two? Brad sings on the show!
* Periods … ?? What ???
* And much, much more!

I want to give a huge thank you to Brad for taking the time out to appear on the show.
As usual you can find us at:
Twitter – @SuperMarcey
Brad – SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook
Email at
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