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[Review] The Expendables 2 by Bede Jermyn

[Review] The Expendables 2 by Bede Jermyn

I should start off by saying that THE EXPENDABLES 2 is, not by traditional standards of cinema, a quote unquote ‘good’ film (but it is definitely far from being a bad one as well). Continue reading

[Review] Moonrise Kingdom (2012) by Garrett Collins

Starring: Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton Directed By: Wes Anderson At one point in Moonrise Kingdom, the latest quirky romp from director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), the film’s main character, a little boy named Sam, makes earrings made of bugs for his … Continue reading


2/5 First off, I really did not like this film and I was not really enthused to see it either. The trailer did not really sell me and it almost looked as if it was some kind of I, Robot rip off. Surrogates is set in the future where humans live isolated and instead they … Continue reading