Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #78: Color Of Night

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my 78th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series! I have sincerely apologise once again for the lateness of this edition. I was going to have this on the site at the end of November as I originally planned due to a whole bunch of stuff that was happening late November and early December , so I didn’t get the time to do it until now. As you already know back in October here on, I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. For this 78th instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… COLOR OF NIGHT! Is the worst film to come out of the erotic thriller film trend during the ’90s? How can a film a premise this insane be so boring? Read On and find out! Enjoy!

Bede @BedeJermyn

I know I’ve said this a billion times before in the past, but is it too late for me to *not* watch this film? #ColorOfNight

Ah, Hollywood Pictures. I’m getting very nostalgic right now. #ColorOfNight

Wait a second… Hollywood Pictures was owned by Disney, right? So that means… COLOR OF NIGHT is a Disney film! #ColorOfNight

Yeah… This saxophone score is not very subtle at all. #ColorOfNight

Well, that’s interesting box to put on your lipsticks in. #ColorOfNight

Man… How can so many talented actors be in a film like this? #ColorOfNight

Don’t worry, lady. I’d be upset too if I had to starred in this film too. #ColorOfNight

Wait, hold the phone! Billy Ray, the screenwriter behind CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, THE HUNGER GAMES and TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, wrote this film? Well… I guess we all have to start somewhere. #ColorOfNight

I don’t know about anyone else, it’s just weird seeing Bruce Willis with hair. #ColorOfNight

Okay, the woman was just having a conversation with Bruce and now all of a sudden, she’s just jump out of window! Although I can’t blame her. If I had to star in this film, I probably would too. #ColorOfNight

Oh, man. It’s obvious that is doll that’s falling to the ground. It’s hilarious! #ColorOfNight

Yeah… I’m pretty sure if you threw yourself out of a 100 floor building, the impact of the fall would cause a bit more damage than that. #ColorOfNight

So the film is called COLOR OF NIGHT because Bruce is colourblind and when he sees the colour red, it appears as black. #ColorOfNight

I know that Bruce is now heading to Los Angeles due to the seeing his patient killed herself, but it’s happening so quick. We’re at the 10 minute mark now and so much already has happened. #ColorOfNight

Once again: there are way too many talent actors in this film. Especially in this therapy group scene with Bruce and the rest of the cast. #ColorOfNight

I bet any money that Scott Bakula wants to… Quantum leap… Out of this film now. #ColorOfNight

Boy, this group session just escalated quickly. #ColorOfNight

Lance Henriksen: forever a pimp. #ColorOfNight

Kevin J. O’Connor is Tom Green in COLOR OF NIGHT. #ColorOfNight

Yeah… Jane March’s make up as Richie isn’t convincing. Than again though, I think that’s the whole point. #ColorOfNight

The score just into comedy music just now? That’s a bizarre choice. #ColorOfNight

Damn! For someone who works as a therapist, Scott Bakula has a pretty expensive looking mansion. #ColorOfNight

Remember when erotic thrillers were a huge thing in the early to mid-90s? That was such a really weird period in film. #ColorOfNight

It’s weird to me that these days that Bruce is known for staring in bad films and phoning it in with his performances but when he started in the occasional bad one in the ‘90s, he actual put in some effort. How times have changed. #ColorOfNight

Ah, oh. I think something bad is going to happen to Bakula now. #ColorOfNight

Oh, no! A shadow! Run, Bakula, run!!! #ColorOfNight

Okay, the film has turned into a giallo for some reason. #ColorOfNight

Wow… That was the most over-the-top murder I’ve ever seen in all of cinema. #ColorOfNight

Well, Bakula is now dead. Again another actor who’s happy to leave this film. #ColorOfNight

Yes! Ruben Blades has shown up. He always makes a film, even the shitty ones, a little bit better. #ColorOfNight

I like how everyone in this film doesn’t even attempt to act like a real person. #ColorOfNight

I like how the police just let Bruce live at his murdered friend’s place. I’m sure that wouldn’t actually happen in real life. #ColorOfNight

I don’t know why Ruden Blades’ detective character is acting like this, but it’s the only interesting thing about this film so far. #ColorOfNight

I like how you can obviously tell that Bruce is wearing a hair piece. #ColorOfNight

I know that everyone reacts differently when they find out that someone they know suddenly dies, everyone in group therapy group’s reactions thought are very, very, very over-the-top. #ColorOfNight

Bruce is giving way too much of a committed performance for a film like this. #ColorOfNight

Okay, the score has gone tonally weird again. #ColorOfNight

Seriously, this film would be at least 5 stars if Ruden Blades’ character was the main star of this film. #ColorOfNight

There is no scenery that Ruben Blades isn’t chewing in this film, and you know what? #ColorOfNight

Bruce has just got home and slipped on a massive pool of water on the floor. This is meant to be a serious film, right? #ColorOfNight

I know I should be unsettled that Bruce has come back to the mansion to find water everywhere, but all I keep thinking is that his water bill is going to be MASSIVE when it comes in the mail. #ColorOfNight

Is it just me or does Jane March look a little bit like Elizabeth Berkeley? #ColorOfNight

Okay… Bruce & Jane basically almost have full on sex in very public place. Clearly they have no shame whatsoever. #ColorOfNight

Well, these paintings are… Interesting. #ColorOfNight

Bruce has come home to find a rattlesnake in his mailbox… Hmmm… I wonder if that’s meant to be a metaphor for something? #ColorOfNight

Bruce stop bearing your snake! #ColorOfNight

Well, it comes. The film’s most well know and infamous scene: Bruce & Jane’s sex scene. #ColorOfNight

Noooo! There are some sights of Bruce Willis that I don’t need to see! #ColorOfNight

Ummm… This film isn’t meant to be a porno, right? #ColorOfNight

Hmmm… Jane, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cook a steak if you’re doing it naked. #ColorOfNight

Brace yourselves: more sex is coming… #ColorOfNight

Well… That transition to the next scene wasn’t awkward at all. #ColorOfNight

Ahhhh… Why is Jane playing a British best friend to Lesley Anne Warren’s character now? #ColorOfNight

Jane March’s transformation into Elizabeth Berkeley is complete. #ColorOfNight

Seriously, how can anyone in this film not realise that Rose, Richie and Bonnie are the same person? It’s bloody obvious. #ColorOfNight

Okay, Lesley Anne Warren is now challenging Ruben Blades in the over-the-top scenery chewing performance department. #ColorOfNight

Seriously is this film’s score done by one composer? It feels like 10 different people took a crack at it due to all over the place it is. #ColorOfNight

Richie’s brother kind of looks like a cheap knock off version of Josh Hamilton. #ColorOfNight

Brad Dourif’s character would be way better if he played it as Chucky. #ColorOfNight

I swear someone needs to cast Kevin J. O’Connor as Tom Noonan’s brother in a film. They look so much alike. #ColorOfNight

You know out of the strange things in this film, this one has me bewildered the most: who keeps a Pepsi in the cupboard? #ColorOfNight

Roller blades: so ‘90s. #ColorOfNight

Okay, the score now sounds like circus music. This is just weird. #ColorOfNight

Yeah… The killer’s fake voice is more hilarious than it is creepy. #ColorOfNight

Well, the film has decided to do a random car chase for no apparent reason. #ColorOfNight

Ahhh… Bruce. I know the killer is trying to kill you and all, but it’s not a good look on you too if you’re trying to push their car into a coming train. #ColorOfNight

So just to keep in consistent with the randomness of the film, we’re now at Ruben Blades’ birthday party for some reason too. #ColorOfNight

Okay, now the music is starting to sound like a ‘80s slasher film score. SERIOUSLY, FIND A TONE OF MUSIC YOU LIKE AND STICK WITH IT, MOVIE! #ColorOfNight

Oh, my God. This movie just keeps going and going. Just end already! #ColorOfNight

OMG, Jane March! Stop cooking naked all the time. That’s a way to injure yourself! #ColorOfNight

Ahhh… Why are Bruce & Jane playing with a electric toy tank in the bathtub? I don’t think that’s a good idea either. #ColorOfNight

Me right now. #ColorOfNight

I swear this is longest murder mystery in the history of existence. #ColorOfNight

Ummm.. Why does Kevin J. O’Connor own a large plastic cow on his rooftop? On second thought, don’t answer that. #ColorOfNight

Oh, no! Kevin has been murdered! I don’t care. #ColorOfNight

Oh, geez. Lesley & Jane are spying on a couple next door. What a bunch of pervs. #ColorOfNight

Look out! Here’s comes another sex scene between Lesley & Jane so… Wait, they’re stopped? I’m surprised that the film didn’t go through with that. #ColorOfNight

I swear if Bruce Willis speaks any more softer, only dogs will be able to hear him. #ColorOfNight

How is it there’s still 30 minutes left?! It’s like this film has been going on for 10 years. #ColorOfNight

Uh, oh, Rose! You’ve been caught out! #ColorOfNight

Seriously, this is without a doubt the most schizophrenic score in the entire history of cinema. #ColorOfNight

Here we go! Everyone in the group has now discovered that they all dating Jane March! This is some TV sitcom soap opera twist shit here. #ColorOfNight

Oh, geez. The score had gone weird again. #ColorOfNight

“How didn’t you all realise that you were all dating the same woman?” Believe me, Ruben Blades. I’ve been wondering the same thing this whole entire film. #ColorOfNight

Ummm… Why is Bruce talking to his New York therapist friend while he’s a hot tub? #ColorOfNight

Omg! The killer is trying the kill Bruce by pushing a car onto him from the top a parking lot. #ColorOfNight

Plot twist! Casey is actually Rose! Wow… Everybody saw that coming. #ColorOfNight

Oh, geez. The score sounds like Christmas music now. #ColorOfNight

Bruce has arrived the factory now to save Rose, who’s brother Dale is actually the killer!… Okay. #ColorOfNight

Oh, geez. Jane’s back is all cut up and she’s also literally nailed down to the chair. This is very unpleasant. #ColorOfNight

Yeah… This whole film doesn’t make any sense. #ColorOfNight

Yes! Ruben Blades has come to save day and… Oh, too late. Now he’s been nailed to the wall. #ColorOfNight

Did Dale just have a wooden cabinet fall on top of Bruce’s head? #ColorOfNight

Yeah, I’m this last half is pretty gruesome. #ColorOfNight

I guess you can say that like everyone else in this film, Dale got… Nailed too. #ColorOfNight

I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. #ColorOfNight

Geez, how big is that tower? It wasn’t that big before. #ColorOfNight

Remember when Bruce’s character was suppose to be colourblind? Yeah, the film just remembered that just now. #ColorOfNight

Once again, Ruben Blades is the best part of the film. #ColorOfNight

Well, that’s the end of the film. Even though it has some interesting aspects to it, it is still so very, very boring. Plus this 20 minute long Director’s Cut didn’t help matters either. #ColorOfNight

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 78th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in late December for my special Christmas themed 79th edition, which could one of the following three bad horror films: DECK THE HALLS, THE NUTCRACKER: THE UNTOLD STORY and STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted on soon!

Article written by Bede Jermyn



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