[A.J and Bea’s Review Exchange] Die Hard With A Vengeance [1995] by Bea Harper


Dir.: John McTiernan

Starring: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons

*Correction: The Rodney King incident took place in 1991 and the L.A Riots took place in 1992.

Ahhhh, this movie. THIS. MOVIE. Die Hard With A Vengeance is my chicken soup, my rainbow, my hot chocolate on a cold, bone-chattering night. John McClane (Willis) once more has a really, really bad day but this time he isn’t alone with the unwitting assistance of Zeus (Jackson) after the Big Apple comes under the threat of Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons), brother of Hans Gruber who is just as a titanic (yet charismatic!) bastard as his brother was. Guns and mouths fire their deadly reports, explosions occur left and right, chases sure to make you curl your toes, burly brawls to raise your blood, manhunts to thrill your pants off and riddle solving all coalesce to create a bombastic and wickedly entertaining action extravaganza. McTiernan was one of the finest action directors of the 80s and 90s and although the man has been quiet for a while, there is little doubt the man knew the talent he had and ensured he did his very best to play it up.

Summer is DEFINITELY in the city in this movie and it remains a stalwart of not only the Die Hard franchise but, and I will hazard to say, also for the action genre in general. A genuine pleasure of a movie that you owe it to yourself to see if you wanna see action done beautifully.



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