First off, I really did not like this film and I was not really enthused to see it either. The trailer did not really sell me and it almost looked as if it was some kind of I, Robot rip off. Surrogates is set in the future where humans live isolated and instead they used robot surrogates to live, the surrogates allow them to look how they want and to be fast and strong. However a new weapon has come out which not only destroys the surrogate but the human controlling it. It is up to Bruce Willis to get to the truth and save the day.

The actual idea of the surrogates isn’t that bad but the way the actual humans live, laying down all day doing nothing seemed a little off to me. They surely would have bodies similar to that of coma patients but they didn’t. The surrogates looked alright, sometimes it was more on the humorous side (Bruce’s surrogate looked rather fake) and it didn’t work too well. The storyline and where it is heading is awfully predictable as well. If you can’t work this out before the film ends, well I feel sorry for you.

Casting wise it isn’t bad, Bruce does what he can with the material, he tries. Rahda Mitchell is alright and she is easy on the eyes, again she is stuck with such bad material not much she can do. Small roles from James Cromwell who is fine and Ving Rhames who is also fine but his look just does not fit him. The relationship between Bruce Willis and his wife feels forced at times and it is just there to try and add an emotional element but I was not feeling it.

It has a weak script and it is not very good, the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. The direction is typical for this type of him and it does not offer anything new into this genre. There was potential there but this was a let down. It is not a long film, under 90mins but it felt longer and I felt bored at times. The action itself in the film isn’t all that bad, some scenes actually work pretty well and others just seem really silly. You could easily miss this film, it isn’t anything you haven’t already seen before.

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