Pixar’s UP

All I really want to say is I loved this film! I really did and I am so angry at myself for not going to the cinema to experience it. It was just such a beautiful, fun and delightful film and I just felt so happy after watching it. This was not a tradition animated film but Pixar aren’t traditional. I actually felt this film was designed more for adults rather than children to enjoy but I think it is a good family film.
UP tells the story of Carl (Ed Asner), he is an elderly man in his late 70’s, his wife has since passed away and it looks like he needs to leave his home and go to the retirement village. Instead he decides he is going to have the adventure him and his wife never got to have and go to South America. In a very non-traditional way, Carl ties thousands of helium balloons to his house and takes off. However there is an unexpected guest in boy scout Russell (Jordan Nagai) who comes along for the ride and he was just after getting his last badge!
The start of this film is done so well, we meet Carl as a young boy and he dreams of flying like his hero Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer). He befriends a young girl Ellie and they eventually get married and have a happy life together. It is sad to find out Ellie has passed away and Carl is all alone and he longs for that adventure. You want him to have it and you want him to fulfill those dreams. It is such a delight when Russell shows up, and the back and forth between Carl is gold, it really is. Carl doesn’t want company, especially that of an 8 year old boy, however you know that having Russell along is going to change Carl and you want to see it happen. They meet a great cast of characters along the way including a rare bird which Russell names Kevin and an awesome dog with Doug, and he talks! Doug and Kevin are fantastic and I loved them, their relationships with both Carl and Russell are great. It all blends together nicely and it is a lot of fun.
UP has a fantastic score, it suits the film and it plays so perfectly over the different scenes. The pacing of the film works perfectly as well, I was never bored and I certainly did not lose interest at any point. It held my attention all the way through and I enjoyed being with these characters and I really wanted to pull Doug out of the screen and keep him! The voice work was top notch and everyone did exceptionally well, perfect casting for each character. I was so impressed with how they all just worked and there was a fantastic chemistry there. I can’t fault this film, it is just such a delight and so well done. This comes highly recommended there is no way you will be disappointed and if you are, well I am going to say it, you have no soul haha!

2 thoughts on “Pixar’s UP

  1. You’re right about Pixar making films for adults too. Ever since seeing ‘Toy Story’ in the cinema with my husband (then boyfriend) sitting in seats that had more adults without kids in them than kids, it’s been great that they continue to make movies that acknowledge that there’s a grown up sitting next to a kid who’d also like to be entertained.

    …and maybe, even get a bit teary, like I did in the first part of Up.


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