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[Review] Don’t Sleep On Heels

Perhaps the best compliment that can be paid to the new Starz series, is that even if you do not appreciate or know anything about the world of professional wrestling, it is near impossible not to take something away from Heels that will stick with you in a profound way.  Season one of Heels is … Continue reading

[Review] Halloween Kills by Paul Huffman

[Review] Halloween Kills by Paul Huffman

Evil dies tonight! That becomes the theme of the latest installment of the franchise and the townsfolk of Haddonfield as they discover Michael Myers is back for more mayhem. The word ‘Kills’ is definitely something this sequel had going for it, but how did the rest of the movie measure up? The story was simple, … Continue reading

[TV Review] Chucky: Season 1 Episode 1

Don Mancini is back to remind us why you don’t fuck with the Chuck. The first episode of this was a chess board, the pieces have been set up and they have begun to move in an intriguing way. Great new characters, promises of old characters to honor the legacy of the franchise, and you … Continue reading

[Review] Midnight Mass

Many people have compared Midnight Mass to the best work that Stephen King has given us, and I am happy to report that opinion is not far off the mark. Mike Flanagan’s latest brings us small towns, tortured characters looking for love and redemption, and things that go bump in the night that would make … Continue reading

[Wrestling] AEW Dynamite (9/15/21)

Another day, another night of Pro Wrestling to absorb and enjoy. Not since the 90’s have we had so much wrestling programming to choose from and enjoy. All Elite Wrestling has come along and given the fans of pro wrestling the variety that they have been hungry for. Tonight is the first night we are … Continue reading