[Wrestling] Raw 13th September 2021 Show Tweet-a-Thon with Paul Huffman

Welcome to a wrestling show tweet-a-thon, similar to Bad Movie Tweet-a-Thon by Bede but with a wrestling show from Paul Huffman.

I hear I have a hell of an episode of #WWERaw to Tweet-a-Thon about. Let’s not waste anymore time.

Energy in the opening segment was great. Crowd was hot #RKBro is gold. @The305MVP is a godsend with a mic. @WWEBigE was Big E. Set a great tone. #WWERaw

“Shayna’s never gonna get to me level if she keeps getting dragged down by dead weight.” Damn @MsCharlotteWWE. #WWERaw

I’m glad the crowd seems to love what @AlexaBliss_WWE has been doing. #WWERaw

Short and sweet 6 man tag. New Day backstage hyping up their boy. #NewDay remains best for business. #WWERaw

Really happy about the heights that @ArcherOfInfamy has reached so far. Sky is the limit for the dude, hope they give him a lengthy reign. #WWERaw

Would love to see @ArcherOfInfamy work with @ShinsukeN. #WWERaw

Every time I think of Connor I smile. #WWERaw

Using an entire night to build up a MITB cash in is VERY refreshing. Also, one wonders what music would be successful for @RandyOrton to drown out @SuperKingofBros. #WWERaw

More @TaminaSnuka on my TV screen please. #WWERaw

God I love that New Day #Outsiders gear. #WWERaw

New Day vibing to @AJStylesOrg theme is definitely a mood. #WWERaw

This 8-Man Tag is only missing one thing…THE UNDATAKA!! #WWERaw

I am all in on @DoudropWWE #WWERaw

And there you have it! After years of earning the opportunity @WWEBigE is finally WWE Champ. Congrats, man!! #WWERaw

Only thing to me that would have made it even more perfect is maybe have Big E come to cash in before the main event started. Make it a triple threat, really build up the suspense. But still, great moment! #WWERaw

Let’s not sleep on the match between Orton and Lashley either, great stuff. #WWERaw

It’s been a while by shows end of Raw that you feel that sense of excitement for where Raw can go from here. Feels like a breath of fresh air. Great Raw, great Boston crowd, onward and upward. That concludes another WWE Tweet-a-Thon. #WWERaw

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Photos credited to WWE.com


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