[Wrestling] Smackdown 10th September 2021 MSG Show Tweet-a-Thon with Paul Huffman

Welcome to a wrestling show tweet-a-thon, similar to Bad Movie Tweet-a-Thon by Bede but with a wrestling show. This week the WWE returned to Madison Square Garden for Smackdown, with AEW having just had an excellent week did WWE deliver the goods in the face of competition?

Great intro. Will always remember that Smackdown right after 9/11. Shout out to @LilianGarcia for setting the tone that night. Nobody could have done it better. #SmackdownMSG

Congrats to@PatMcAfeeShow on his first #WWE MSG show. Have been loving his work. #SmackdownMSG

I am loving the new dynamic hear. Everybody is doing a great job making Brock and Roman seem fresh. #SmackdownMSG

“Hanging out in the hallways like a Jersey girl.” Yikes lol. Love these interactions with@HeymanHustleand@KaylaBraxtonWWE. #SmackdownMSG

Love the participants of the 10-Man tag. But I would have LOVED to see@TheaTrinidad@YaOnlyLivvOnce@CarmellaWWE and Toni Storm rock it out there. Get Zelina on TV!! #SmackdownMSG

“If you have what I need, I’m coming for your neck.” More of that @WWEBigE please! #SmackdownMSG

Big Time Becks is such a flex. She’s owning it. #SmackdownMSG

Based on his promo after the tag match, I would have loved for that Big E/Heyman shtick to have a serious, almost expressionless Big E when he held up the briefcase. Almost as if to say, “time to get serious.” #SmackdownMSG

Rollins’ vibe after the match was great storytelling. #SmackdownMSG

Having Raws main event for Extreme Rules on Raw next week is…interesting. #SmackdownMSG

Great tag match to close the show. I want to see way more of the Street Profits let them rock it like they more often going forward. #SmackdownMSG

The NY crowd always adds ten times the atmosphere to a pro wrestling show, Smackdown was no different. Get chills hearing them sound off every time. Especially considering it was the eve of 9/11. But again, @TheaTrinidad should have definitely been in that ring. #SmackdownMSG

Was beginning to wonder if we’d ever see Demon Balor in WWE again, what a perfect night to answer that question. #SmackdownMSG

To close out this first WWE Tweet-a-Thon, feel like there’s no other way than to congratulate @WWELadyRefJess on her first MSG. Another night of officiating an awesome match in an amazing atmosphere on the books. #SmackdownMSG

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Photos credited to WWE.com


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